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Simplifying Cloud Data Lakes for Rapid Analytics

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About Cazena, Our Story, and Our Mission

The First SaaS Data Lake

Cazena’s mission is to radically simplify analytics for enterprises. Data Lakes are critical to digital transformation, yet enterprises find them challenging, since they are complex and require expensive, scarce cloud and data DevOps skills. That’s resulted in long deployments and delayed outcomes. SaaS changes everything.

Cazena is the First SaaS Data Lake designed to drive outcomes 10X faster for all analytics: ML/AI, data science, data engineering, data warehousing and more.

The company was founded by the visionary team behind the original Netezza data warehouse appliance, with a track record of success in enterprise transformation. This is the next generation of analytic agility. Cazena represents a critical expansion and evolution from reporting-oriented data warehouses to innovation-focused data lakes. Purpose-built and designed for the cloud, Cazena is measurably changing the equation for enterprises. Finally, all data and advanced analytics are within reach — even in complex, global environments.

Cazena’s intuitive SaaS model simplifies secure access. Each SaaS Data Lake is private, production-ready and continuously optimized. Solutions include everything for secure data ingest, storage and analytics: best-of-breed technologies, patented software automation, a robust security model and a 24×7 operations team. Cazena makes it simple, secure and cost-effective to migrate and run SaaS Data Lakes on Microsoft Azure and AWS.


Cazena is a Boston-area technology provider, focused on data and analytics. With a proven leadership team and solid financial backing from strategic investors, we’re leading cloud innovation.

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Cazena investors have a proven track record of building successful enterprise data and analytics technology companies. Investors include venture capital firms, as well as strategic and technology partners.

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