The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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Announcing Cazena Big Data as a Service

We founded Cazena with a vision to provide Big Data on Demand: data made available for access and analysis simply and immediately. Today is an exciting milestone. After two years of development, we are officially announcing Cazena’s Big Data as a Service. This service essentially wires up enterprises for Big Data on Demand. Let me explain. 

For decades, enterprises have been buying, deploying and managing an increasingly complex infrastructure for big data processing – from data warehouses to appliances to hand-crafted clusters. Enterprises have had to act like big data power plants, generating their own data processing power – and spending over $10B a year to do so. However, this creates a tremendous infrastructure drag: 6 to 9 month deployments, huge capital investments, and lots of expertise needed to support a constantly changing big data technology stack. Big data processing has been too hard and too slow. 

Cazena harnesses two transformative forces to address this.

First, the cloud promises to bring agility to big data processing. But cloud complexity and security challenges have held enterprises back. Now, Cazena overcomes these barriers with the first automated, managed service that securely moves and processes enterprise data in the cloud. Cazena is effectively a power grid for big data processing that makes data available on demand as a managed service. We take this analogy as far as literally giving you a secure “cloud socket” where you can plug in your favorite tool (say Tableau)! 

The second force at work is the big data stack itself, which has seen tremendous innovation with open source technologies like Hadoop and Spark. But this changing stack also presents significant complexity to the enterprise. Which technology to use for which workload? The stack continues to evolve at a bewildering pace, creating insatiable demand for relevant expertise and architectural uncertainty regarding which technology and platform to bet on. Cazena addresses this challenge with the concept of “workload intelligence” – a new layer constructed on top of best-of-breed big data stacks and proven cloud infrastructure that can automatically recommend, provision and continually optimize infrastructure to deliver the best price-performance. 

Cazena Big Data as a Service is purpose-built to radically simplify big data processing for enterprises. The Cazena team has put an incredible effort into our product, which delivers a “three-click” experience for big data. We’ve gotten great feedback from large enterprises and we’re thrilled to launch today. Stay tuned for more!

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