The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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The Instant AWS Data Lake

Accelerate Time to Analytics on AWS from Months to Minutes.


The Instant AWS Data Lake is an Easy Button for All Analytics.

Production-ready in minutes, the Instant AWS Data Lake is a complete stack for enterprise data and analytics, with a secure SaaS console.  The Instant AWS Data Lake embeds and integrates native AWS technologies including AWS EMR, S3, RedShift, MSK, SageMaker and more. That means enterprises can start running any analytics immediately, without specialized skills or months of prep work. Cazena includes everything in the Instant AWS Data Lake, so you can accelerate time to analytics from months to minutes.

Everything is automated, secured and managed 24×7 — no admin time or DevOps skills required. Cazena has tools and templates that simplify cloud migrations, even from datacenters or complex environments. Now, enterprise teams can easily use AWS for all analytics and securely connect global users, tools and data.


The First Turnkey 'Easy Button' for All Analytics on AWS

Cazena’s Instant AWS Data Lakes are turnkey, risk-free and production-ready in minutes. Cazena is the “easy button” for data lakes, integrating popular AWS services -- like EMR, Athena, Glue, S3, Redshift, EKS, MSK and more -- from ingestion to analytics.

Automated, with Zero Ops Required. 1/2 the Cost of DIY.

Instant AWS Data Lakes are automated and continuously optimized for price-performance. This eliminates operations costs. No need to expand teams with new DevOps or Cloud Ops skills. Instant AWS Data Lakes are less than half the cost of “do it yourself” (DIY) data lakes.

Built-in Security & Compliance

Cazena's Instant AWS Data Lakes are optimized to deliver the ideal price-performance for your unique set of workloads. Get the most cost-effective AWS stack for your current data and analytics workloads, without any complexity.

Self-Service Analytics with All the Tools

Instant AWS Data Lakes offer a simple SaaS console for AWS analytical tools like SageMaker, QuickSight, and leading 3rd party tools. BI analysts, data engineers, or data scientists can immediately access the data lake with their favorite tools, in the cloud or from on-premises.

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“We’re 6 – 8 months further ahead by having Cazena.”

– Craig Haughan, VP Data Solutions, CWT

AWS Certified and Recognized for Data Lake Migrations

Cazena was among the first AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners selected for the launch of the ISV Workload Migration Program (WMP). The program offers expertise and incentives to help companies migrate workloads to AWS, achieve business goals faster and accelerate their cloud journey.

The Instant Data Lake includes specific software automation and expertise for data and analytics migrations. This is means major time, cost and complexity savings vs trying to migrate on your own. Migrate with Cazena, and start doing real, strategic work with data right away!

  • Migrate to the cloud in days, using Cazena’s automation. Get instant access to a Cloud Data Lake on AWS, optimized for all analytics.
  • Scale to the cloud with automation, not manual effort. Reduce costs and operations requirements with SaaS.
  • Instantly improve access and capabilities for global teams, with the security and compliance required for enterprises.
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Subscribe to the Instant Data Lake on AWS Marketplace

Cazena Instant Data Lakes are available in the AWS Marketplace! Special cloud incentives allow us to extend private offers for up to 75% off subscription prices. A few clicks in AWS Marketplace is all it takes to subscribe. Then, Cazena will automatically provision your Instant Data Lake, using our patented technology. We’ve contact you with a login, and you can get started right away. Load data, use services — and stay secure and supported.

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Recognized for Proven Data & Analytics Success AWS

Cazena Instant Data Lakes on AWS leverage our patented automation, along with best-of-breed capabilities for data and analytics. Cazena is certified and recognized as an Advanced Technology Partner for AWS. The AWS Data & Analytics Competency is only awarded to technology partners that have certifications, measurable expertise and multiple success stories on AWS. Cazena is proud to be recognized as an Advanced Technology partner for Data & Analytics on AWS.

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