Big Data is Still Too Hard and Too Complex.

Running your own Hadoop/Spark-powered big data platform is a complex endeavor. Many enterprises report endless pilots, unable to move to production -- along with skills shortages, unpredictable projects and pricey DevOps budgets.  A flurry of database innovation and cloud services has only added to the complexity.

Big Data still requires a massive, manual DevOps and integration effort. That's what's holding back productivity, value and impact. 

The Biggest Challenge Holding Back Big Data in the Cloud is a Pervasive Lack of DevOps skills.

Big data DevOps teams require many skill sets: security, integration, automation, architecture, database, etc. -- at a cost of ~$650,000 - $1.1M+ annually, according to recent market data. The cost of development and operations makes ROI equations challenging, and the complexity delays deployments. Simple equations show that 70-80% of the cost of production big data and analytics environments are driven by data DevOps, causing a measurable drag on projects and results.

The Alternative is Cazena, the First Fully-Managed Big Data as a Service with DevOps Built-In.

Cazena is the first cloud service to directly address the Big Data DevOps problem,  radically simplifying data analytics, with the First Fully-Managed Big Data as a Service. Now data can be securely analyzed in the cloud with a few browser clicks -- and without any specialized DevOps skills.

Cazena's flagship solution is Data Lake as a Service on Azure or AWS. These cloud data lakes are fully-managed, secure and production-ready for all analytics including data science/machine learning/AI, data engineering, business intelligence and insight applications of all kinds.

All Cazena solutions are powered by best-of-breed software (Cloudera, etc), augmented with built-in DevOps, automation, enterprise security, workload optimization and 24x7 production operations. Cazena's fully-managed model, technology and expertise mean big data platforms cost 50% less, require no additional resources for DevOps and are guaranteed to work consistently. 

The company has a proven history of success in enterprise data analytics. Cazena was founded by the team behind the original Netezza data appliance, which made a notable impact in the enterprise data industry. This is the next-gen solution for the cloud. That's why Cazena is now backed by leading investors including Andreessen Horowitz and other strategic partners. Global 5000 enterprises around the world are customers of Cazena, and rely on us 24x7 for data platforms.


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