Data Lakes Have Been Too Hard.

The last few years have proved that running a Data Lake or any Hadoop/Spark-powered big data platform is a complex endeavor for many enterprises.  Over 80% of projects have failed to move into production, and others are plagued by high costs, skills shortages and unpredictable performance. 

A flurry of data technology and cloud innovation has only added to the complexity. The landscape is constantly changing, and it's difficult to keep up. DevOps, cloud and security skills are in high demand, and the gap between digital natives and enterprises continues to grow... 


Data Lake Failure Is Often Due to a Pervasive Lack of Skills for DevOps.

Data Lake teams require many skill sets: cloud DevOps, security, integration, automation, architecture, database, etc. -- at a cost of ~$650,000 - $1.1M+ annually, according to market data.  The high cost of development and ongoing operations makes ROI equations challenging, and too many are deemed data swamps or data lake failures. Simple equations show that 70-80% of the cost of production data lakes are driven by staff and processes for DevOps, causing a measurable drag on projects and results.

Cazena Changes the Game for Cloud Data Lakes on AWS and Azure.

Cazena is the first Data Lake with a SaaS Experience. Cazena includes everything, and is delivered ready for data loading and analytics. Cazena's cloud Data Lake as a Service is single-tenant, managed private SaaS for enterprises. Cazena is available AWS and Azure, always secure and production-ready for all analytics -- with no DevOps or admin time ever required.


Cazena embeds and optimizes the components from best-of-breed technology partners (such as ClouderaAWS, Azure, RStudio, etc), adding DevOps automation, enterprise security, monitoring, continuous optimization and 24x7 production operations. Cazena reduces data lake TCO by 50% or more vs PaaS alternatives, and completely eliminates the need for DevFind out how Cazena works >>

Cazena is proven and secure and in use at multi-national enterprises including highly-regulated industries like financial services, banking, insurance and pharmaceuticals. Enterprises use Cazena's SaaS Data Lakes to support a huge variety of analytic workloads including data science, machine learning/AI, data engineering, vertical applications, IOT/sensor analytics, hybrid data pipelines and more. Learn how global enterprises use their Cazena Data Lake as a Service >> 

This team has a long history of simplifying complex data processing for easier enterprise consumption. Cazena was founded by the team behind the original Netezza data appliance, a significant hardware innovation in data warehousing. Cazena has deep expertise in enterprise requirements and analytics processing. That's why Cazena is now backed by leading investors including Andreessen Horowitz and other strategic partners. Read more about Cazena's investors and leadership team >> 

Learn More about Cazena: The First Cloud Data Lake with a SaaS Experience >>