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Cazena CRO: Why an Instant Cloud Data Lake changes everything…

Chad Garrett, Chief Revenue Officer

It’s great to wake up one day and find yourself part of a team that is making a difference in the world of data. Yesterday Cazena announced my appointment as a CRO along with the launch of the first Instant™ Cloud Data Lake, a timely milestone as enterprises seek faster adoption and success with cloud data lakes.

The timing is ideal, given that Gartner recently noted more than 50% of businesses will be adding a cloud data lake to their data architecture over the coming two years. But you have to face the fact that most companies struggle with the complexity of cloud data lake deployments as they grapple with the risk of 9+ month deployment cycles, as well as needing teams stacked with scarce and expensive Ops skills. These obstacles combined with the skills drag resulting from the pandemic are a systemic roadblock for these companies as they chart a course forward. It’s only natural to ask, “how can I help?”

To answer help that question, I look to my past experiences. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked for some amazing data and analytics startups in the past 20 years.

For nearly a decade I worked at TIBCO, where my last assignment was running the go-to-market for the analytics division.  We offered a great combination of both historical and streaming analytics tools to our clients, enabling them to act on data insights in real-time.  Next stop was Hortonworks, where the sheer volume and velocity of (big) data was front and center to every use case imaginable. From there I was part of the growth story of Dataiku.  It was amazing to see the early-stage AI/ML models our clients were creating.

Yet, for every client I worked with, it was apparent that the complexity of the client’s technology stack, combined with the challenge of arming themselves with skilled personnel, was the biggest threat (and cost) to their success. What if a technology came along that could make that part easier, less expensive, or even automate it?

Cazena has addressed this threat with our Instant™ Data Lake, the first (cloud) data lake with a SaaS experience. The complexities of building your own are gone, since the data lake is fully secured and automated. No Ops teams are required to maintain it. Time to analytics and AI/ML shrinks from months to minutes, which ensures faster business outcomes… And, lastly, there is no risk since the data lake is instant-on and production-ready on day one. In short, being able to address these biggest of challenges, at incredible speed, is unique.

I am thrilled to team up with Prat, this world-class team and the Board, here at Cazena!

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