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Zero2Hero® and Instant AWS Data Lake: Your Easy Button for Machine Learning and Analytics

Daniel Parton, Ph.D., Lead Data Scientist and Philip Duplisey, VP Strategy, Business Development, Bardess Group, Ltd.

Cazena is pleased to publish this blog from Bardess, Ltd. an innovative data analytics solution provider that uses Cazena’s Instant AWS Data Lake to deliver fast outcomes from machine learning and analytics. 

With all the excitement around how machine learning is transforming the modern business world, it is little wonder that clients come to Bardess® asking how they can get started with data science.

To help our customers, Bardess has developed a unique framework called Zero2Hero® (Z2H®), which targets quick wins, while eliminating the cost, complexity and risk normally associated with the technical infrastructure necessary for supporting data science projects. By integrating with Cazena’s recently launched Instant AWS Data Lake platform, Zero2Hero® delivers extreme acceleration with initial outcomes within 30 to 60 days.

This allows the Bardess team to start delivering on our hallmark of rapid time to value, unencumbered by questions like, “How we are going to get the data securely transferred into the cloud from our network? What additional software is needed to build a streaming data pipeline?” etc.

With Cazena’s Instant AWS Data Lake, we can focus on designing the data architecture, doing exploratory data analysis, and starting to train models to support the data science project – all in the same day.

Zero2Hero® combined with Cazena’s platform rapidly drives ML at scale based on three differentiating capabilities –

  1. Prototypes are production-ready with the benefit of the platform approach, including security, compliance and scale.
  2. Initial MVP service framework becomes use-case agnostic and hence extensible beyond the first set of use-cases.
  3. The platform is open, in terms of cloud stack, technologies, tools, and data formats.

Accelerating ROI, Eliminating Infrastructure Risk

One of the biggest mistakes that clients can make is thinking that they can press ahead and ignore tackling infrastructure. Often, they let data scientists support themselves on laptops with DIY platforms, with the false perception of achieving a quick win.

Inevitably, this DIY approach leads to problems with rework, scaling, operationalization, data integration, and can very quickly, unintentionally, also expose sensitive data. By using Cazena’s Instant AWS Data Lake, data scientists get both security and flexibility, which is critical for success. Essentially, Z2H® uses modern, flexible technologies to deliver quick wins.

The Instant AWS Data Lake makes it easy to use a variety of tools and techniques to deliver business value for a “thin-slice” use case. This thin slice is determined by starting with an “ROI’able” use case and working backwards to narrow data requirements. Adjacent use cases are then appended, each one delivering value, while building out the foundational data layer.

On the platform front, the Instant AWS Data Lake is a fully managed, fully secured, SOC-2 compliant environment with all the necessary tooling ready to go in literally minutes. This addresses the biggest hindrance around infrastructure with months of delay caused by provisioning, tooling and operations required just to get started.

The Instant AWS Data Lake platform includes obvious data science tooling, but also the data storage, compute, data pipeline, data catalog and a host of other capabilities as a turnkey solution. The Instant Data Lake has built-in DevOps, optimization and security monitoring which means no additional operational resources are needed for production projects.

Cazena’s Instant AWS Data Lake + Zero2Hero® can be your “Easy Button” for ML deployments.

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About Bardess Group, Ltd.: Bardess® is an innovative data analytics solution provider focused on Fortune 500 and mid-size companies for over 23 years. Our success comes from the quality of our elite team of data consultants and data scientists, world-class partnerships, our unique ability to design and create innovative solutions, and an unwavering focus on rapid time to value.

Through Bardess’ unique LEAP methodology, we implement wide-ranging, flexible solutions that enable our clients to gain actionable insights from their data, leading to better and faster decision-making.

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