Cazena's cloud Data Lake as a Service case studies demonstrate how companies use data lakes
for data science, self-service analytics and digital transformation.

Data Science and Advanced Analytics across a Broad Range of Travel Data
Marketing & Business
14 West
Empowering a Network with a SaaS Data Lake
Worthington Industries
Accelerating Impact by Migrating to a SaaS Data Lake on AWS
Sentier Informatics
Launching Healthcare Marketing Analytics in Days
"Our team always has a production-ready platform, without worrying about security operations, cloud infrastructure, platform DevOps, tool integration, etc."
Mike Maloney, Riverstone
Victoria University
Streamlining Student Analytics in the Cloud

“We didn’t need to hire or wait for engineers to build out a platform. We’ve just got Cazena, handed it over to data scientists and they started loading data.”

Craig Haughan, CWT
Retailers & Restaurants
National Retailers
Retail-Ready Data Lake for All Analytics
"We focus on delivering outcomes to our clients -- not being DevOps experts. With Cazena, we can deliver apps quickly with industry-leading cloud security and performance.”
Rich Sokolowsky, Sentier
"If we had done this on our own, it would have taken six months. With guidance from BCS and Cazena’s Data Lake as a Service with Cloudera on Azure, we were up in a couple of weeks."
Danny Lim​, Victoria University