The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

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Cazena AppCloud: Frictionless Analytics in the Cloud

At AWS re:Invent today, Cazena announced a concept called AppCloud that allows enterprises to attach innovative analytic or machine learning (ML) applications to their enterprise data in the cloud.

This is a step towards making analytics easier, but one with a big change in the experience. Typically, we find enterprises that want to go “digital” first need to get access to their data. Once the data is made available (as an example, see Cazena Data Lake as a Service on AWS or Azure), the next problem is to figure out how to enable data analysts or data scientists to perform self-service analytics on this data.

The Cazena AppCloud addresses this second problem. A single-tenant secure environment is created with appropriate best-of-breed analytics tools or data science platforms. Users can securely and simply connect to this environment with the Cazena Gateway. All analytics are optimized and fully managed on the Cazena Data Lake, so that analysts do not need to invest in DevOps skills or resources. Big friction removed!

We are excited to announce the first “wiring” of the AppCloud with solutions like DataRobotCloudera Data Science WorkbenchStreamSets, and Arcadia Data. These solutions and the Cazena Data Lake as a Service can rapidly enable out-of-the-box analytic outcomes.

Read more about the Cazena AppCloud here.


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