The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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Cazena and Cloudaeon Partnership Helps Global Retail, Supply Chain and Logistics Leaders Get More from Big Data, Analytics and AI

Cazena and Cloudaeon are pleased to announce a partnership that extends the power of Cazena’s cloud-based Big Data as a Service and Cloudaeon’s automated analytics and demand forecasting solutions. The partnership is aimed at helping companies in retail, supply chain and logistics more effectively use data and analytics for strategic activities.

Many businesses are poised to reap major rewards from their data, and those in retail, supply chain and logistics have a unique opportunity. Advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence can help companies quickly identify new trends, improve forecasting, find new business opportunities, reduce costs, track customer behavior and more.  

But first, these organizations must implement systems that help them quickly access, analyze and manage large volumes of big data from many different source systems. These projects have historically been time-consuming and complex, often taking months or years to complete. The Cloudaeon and Cazena partnership addresses these challenges by delivering integrated cloud solutions in just weeks. These solutions are automated, fully-managed and production-ready, so organizations can start loading and analyzing data right away.

“Businesses today need a powerful, secure and simple way to access and analyze many types of data. Cazena’s partnership with Cloudaeon gives companies a fully-managed service for data lakes, data science, analytics and ML. That means faster business outcomes, in a fraction of the time,” said Prat Moghe, founder of Cazena.

Together, Cazena and Cloudaeon remove the barriers that have held back companies from making the most of their data. The joint solutions eliminate the need for companies to invest in additional hardware, complex software and specialized staff to build and manage their own big data platforms. That dramatically accelerates the deployment time, performance, ROI and success of analytics programs.

“In highly-competitive industries like retail, supply chain and logistics, one small change can have an enormous ripple effect. That means there’s even more pressure to efficiently use big data, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to make the right decisions. With Cazena and Cloudaeon, we deliver solutions that make a measurable impact quickly,” said Amol Malpani, founder of Cloudaeon

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