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Cazena for Data Engineers

“Cazena is our Secret Weapon for Big Data.”

Cazena’s fully-managed Big Data as a Service helps technical teams deliver data and analytics projects quickly. Data engineers free up time to focus on more strategic activities when they use Cazena for big data and data warehousing on Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Intelligence and automation are built-in to Cazena’s solutions. Tasks that used to take hours (and often required troubleshooting) are completed in a few clicks. As-a-service solutions for data warehousing, data lakes and data science are configured and ready to use in a few hours. Hybrid deployments (cloud+on-prem) take about two weeks. Cazena is designed to fit seamlessly into any data architecture, supporting a wide variety of analytics applications, tools and data sources.

Cazena embeds a variety of cloud services, open source and best-of-breed software from tech partners such as Cloudera, Microsoft, Amazon, RStudio and others. Solutions include cloud infrastructure, data and analytics engines, data movers, enterprise security – as well as all operations, platform management and support –  delivered at a predictable rate. Free up precious resources, use proven engines and get the best price-performance in the cloud, from a team with significant enterprise expertise.

Data engineering and IT teams use Cazena to:

  • Quickly satisfy business demands for big data and analytics
  • Reduce big data and data warehousing costs by 50-80%
  • Use the cloud securely without dev-ops, special skills or admin time
  • Retain management and monitoring control over cloud services
  • Develop hybrid architectures to leverage the cloud + on-prem systems


Best of Breed Capabilities

Deliver the latest big data capabilities without training or pricey consultants. Cazena solutions embed proven technologies like Cloudera EDH, AWS Redshift and RStudio Server Pro – and add significant value by optimizing, securing and managing these technologies in the cloud cost-effectively. Get proven technologies at a fraction of the time and cost of alternatives.


Drops In Seamlessly

Cazena is designed to fit seamlessly into existing architectures, easily connecting to tools, data sources and processes. Move and encrypt data in a few clicks. Easily connect analytics applications and tools (incl Tableau, Qlik, etc). Add new big data sources, hassle-free. Augment on-premises data warehouses with cloud resources to improve access and reduce costs.

Operations & Security Included

Don’t lose any more time to training, troubleshooting, maintaining and worrying about big data and cloud services. Built-in automation makes formerly time-consuming tasks fast and easy. Solutions include all operations, backup & restore, upgrades, security patching, monitoring and maintenance – and Cazena has compliance certifications and unique security features.

Cazena offers solutions “as a service” optimized to deliver the best price-performance for different big data, data warehousing and analytics workloads in the cloud.

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Data Lake as a Service

Deliver a Hadoop Data Lake in days without dev-ops. Get a fully-managed, configured platform, optimized for big data and ready for data loading.

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