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Cazena Named Launch Partner for AWS Migration Program

We’re proud to announce that Cazena has been named among the first AWS Partner Network Partners for the launch of the ISV Workload Migration Program. As the First SaaS Data Lake on AWS, Cazena has helped many enterprises successfully migrate to the cloud for faster outcomes from ML/AI, data engineering and all analytics.

The AWS Partner Network program launched this summer with just eight Technology Partners, including Cazena, offering resources such as technical enablement and migration funding to offset costs. As part of the launch, Cazena’s architecture, security and migration patterns were reviewed and documented in a repeatable migration process playbook, available through AWS.

Addressing Cloud Migration Challenges

The AWS Workload Migration Program and Cazena address an increasingly common challenge for enterprises: Migrating from on-premises datacenters to AWS requires significant expertise. When it comes to analytics, cloud migrations are particularly complex, requiring skills to address ongoing workload dependencies, data engines, cloud infrastructure, security, compliance, governance, and cost management. Enterprises often lack these skills and find it difficult to find, hire, train, and retain teams.

Cazena directly addresses these challenges, with a SaaS Data Lake as a Service that is supported and managed, with built-in automated DevOps. That means that companies don’t need new staff, consultants or lengthy integration projects to migrate analytics workloads to AWS.

Accelerating All Analytics

Cazena has already helped many enterprises reduce costs, reduce risks and drive outcomes from analytics up to 10x faster for many use cases:

  • Data Lakes: Cazena’s built-in automated DevOps and SaaS data lakes makes everything easier from data ingest to analytics and collaboration. No staff are needed for administration, so resources can focus on higher value projects.
  • ML/AI: Many teams rely on Cazena data lakes for advanced analytics, using built-in interfaces for SQL, R, Python, and connecting with other tools or leveraging the Cazena AppCloud for new capabilities.
  • Data Engineering: Migrating data engineering workloads to a Cazena data lake on AWS means reduced administration costs, inexpensive data storage, better performance, and easier accessibility.

AWS Migrations in 30 Days or Less

Cazena’s Data Lake as a Service on AWS is provisioned in hours, delivered production-ready for data ingest and all analytics. Thanks to built-in automated DevOps and hybrid capabilities, expanding to AWS with Cazena guarantees outcomes in 2 to 4 weeks.

Cazena is available now as a private, single-tenant SaaS on AWS or Microsoft Azure. A “Starter Edition” of Cazena’s Data Lake as a Service with Cloudera is also available on AWS Marketplace. If your organization is planning a cloud migration, contact Cazena to learn more about how the new AWS Workload Migration program can help.

Please contact us to learn more about Cazena & AWS Migration Solutions at

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