The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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Instant Cloud Data Lakes

Cazena's cloud data lakes are turnkey and production-ready for data ingest and analytics. Cazena’s platform includes end-to-end SaaS orchestration of all capabilities.

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Turnkey SaaS Platform

To be effective, cloud data lakes must support a wide variety of data and analytics capabilities in one environment. From data ingest to secure storage and seamless analytics, Cazena's Instant Cloud Data Lakes are immediately available, so you can transform your business.

Instantly Ready to Innovate

Instant Cloud Data Lakes are immediately production-ready. DIY cloud data lakes often take six to nine months or more of development, integration, configuration and testing. Start fast with SaaS.

Private & Optimized

Every Cazena Instant Cloud Data Lake is private and single tenant. SaaS Orchestration intelligently manages the configuration based on the unique requirements of every customer. Your cloud data lake is optimized for your workloads and automatically adjusts as your needs change.

Learn more about the Instant Cloud Data Lake architecture in the Cazena Whitepaper
Secure Hybrid Access

Cazena's Instant Cloud Data Lakes are engineered to automatically provision secure “hybrid” network connectivity between the cloud and your on-premises data sources. This eliminates connectivity friction between on-premises end users, their analytical tools, and the cloud data lake.


Production Ready Now

No need for specialized teams or endless timelines. Start sooner, get results faster.

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Cazena’s SaaS platform unifies all cloud data lake capabilities in a single turnkey solution, including:

Data Lake Cloud Infrastructure & DevOps

  • Cloud account and resources – AWS, Azure, more
  • Cloud networking and VPC peering
  • Identity management and role-based access control

Cloud Data Lake Security & Compliance

  • 24×7 SecOps and monitoring
  • Cazena Gateway hybrid software
  • Security perimeter/firewalls
  • Security controls – IPS, whitelisting, encryption, risk alerting, more
  • Auditing and logging

Cloud Data Lake Ingest & Data Storage

  • Data ingestion, with end-to-end encryption
  • Seamless connections to existing and new data sources
  • Data storage & management (Object/attached/archival storage, eg. S3/ADLS/…)

Data Processing & Analytics Engines

  • Multiple data processing engines – SQL, Spark, Hive, Hbase, more
  • Embedded cataloging and data discover
  • Hosting and connectivity for best-of-breed BI, analytics, ML, AI and data engineering tools
  • Add new capabilities quickly with the Cazena AppCloud

Cazena Whitepaper: Instant Data Lakes

Learn more about Cazena's Instant Cloud Data Lake architecture and capabilities in the Whitepaper.

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Diverse Analytics Ecosystem

From data engines to cloud infrastructure to security, Cazena benchmarks and selects the best technology partners for our SaaS platform. Cazena's Instant Cloud Data Lakes continually evolve to leverage the best options across an ever-changing cloud and data tech ecosystem.

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