The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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Cazena Instant Cloud Data Lakes are Easy.

Cazena’s Instant Data Lake accelerates time to analytics and AI/ML from months to minutes. Powered by its patented automated data platform, Cazena delivers the first SaaS experience for data lakes. Zero operations required.

DIY vs. Instant Cloud Data Lakes

Compare what it takes to build your own do-it-yourself (DIY) cloud data lakes vs. Instant Cloud Data Lake from Cazena.

Why Cazena?

Instant Data Lakes Include Everything.

Enterprises need a data lake that easily supports all of their data and tools for analytics, machine learning and AI. To be effective, a data lake must offer secure data ingestion, flexible data storage, access and identity management, tool integration, optimization and more. Cloud data lakes are complicated to do yourself, which is why they require expensive teams.

Cazena’s Instant Cloud Data Lakes are instantly production-ready for data loading and analytics. Everything is automated, supported on Cazena’s SaaS Platform with Continuous Ops and self-service access via the Cazena SaaS Console.

Turnkey SaaS Platform

Cazena's Instant Data Lakes are turnkey and production-ready for secure data ingest, storage and analytics. Cazena’s SaaS Platform includes end-to-end, automated orchestration of all capabilities.

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SaaS Ops & Security

Cazena's Data Lakes have built-in Continuous Operations and 24x7 SecOps to deliver the best performance and security for all workloads. Cazena is automated, optimized and fully managed, offering a true SaaS experience that reduces the risk of costly mistakes.

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Self-Service Analytics

SaaS makes it easy to offer secure, self-service Data Lake access. This is critically important to data lake success as global users are often distributed, with many different analytical tools. Cazena makes it easy to offer self-service access to analytics with enterprise governance and security.

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CWT on their Instant Data Lake success

Multi-national travel specialist CWT uses an Instant Data Lake from Cazena for a wide variety of data science, analytics and data engineering use cases.

CWT Success Story

Instant Data Lake Use Cases

Cazena Instant Cloud Data Lakes for Cloud Modernization and Digital Transformation.

Modernization and Migration

Instant Cloud Data Lakes measurably accelerate cloud modernization and migration. Cazena is production-ready instantly, and includes all operations. That means migrations are fast and efficient, with no additional work required from your team. Get inspired with stories of cloud modernization and migration.

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Machine Learning, AI & Digital Transformation

Instant Cloud Data Lakes are a platform for enterprise innovation and data science that also meets critical security requirements. SaaS make it easy to support any data, and all analytics (R, Python, SQL, etc) including popular AI, ML and data engineering tools. Find out how SaaS accelerates analytics and digital transformation.

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