The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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Instant Data Lakes are half the cost of DIY, with zero ops required.

DIY Cloud data lakes are manual and too expensive for today’s limited budgets.

“Do it yourself” (DIY) data lakes are too expensive because of the skilled teams required to run them in production.

Whether in the datacenter or cloud, ~80% of the cost of most enterprise data lakes is due to manual effort (people) costs, not technology costs. Cazena changes the equation.

Now more than ever, enterprises face unprecedented pressure to deliver on data projects, as well as digital transformation challenges and opportunities. The two things that impact nearly every organization today are reduced budgets, and staff reductions or hiring freezes. Neither of these should stop an organization from launching a data lake today.

Cazena’s Instant Data Lakes give you everything you need; a data lake at half the cost of traditional methods, and the ability to deploy a data lake on “day one”, with zero need for an (expensive) Ops team.

Cazena is the only data lake with an easy SaaS experience that accelerates your outcomes from AI, ML and all analytics. Cazena means instant access to your own private cloud Data Lake on AWS or Azure. Cazena means a SaaS data lake that is instantly production-ready for all your data and all your analytics tools.

100% of Cazena customers have successful cloud data lakes, powering a huge variety of data science, analytics, machine learning and AI applications.

“At my past organization, we had about ten folks working on the data lake full-time. We felt there wasn’t value in that. Now Cazena can do this for us.”

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Instant Data Lakes Eliminate Unnecessary Costs and Complexity with SaaS

Cloud data lake teams are expensive because they require a broad set of skills in order to orchestrate this complex and challenging objective. These operations (Ops) teams must run the data platform, manage the cloud infrastructure, monitor security, ensure performance, track costs and manage connections to data sources, tools and users…. again, very complex.

Cazena’s Instant Data Lake is delivered as SaaS, and literally requires “Zero Ops” and eliminates the complexity. In short, the Instant Data Lake is truly production ready on day-one, and requires no Ops teams to secure and manage it. The result is, no expensive resources are needed – Zero.

Compare the roles required for DIY Data Lake Operations and the Cost Organizations Pay for Each Skill Set:
  • Data Management Lead

    $137K- $253K
  • Cloud Dev Ops

    $123K - $230K
  • Data Production Ops

    $111K - $216K
  • Cloud Security Architect

    $143K - $276K
  • Hadoop Platform Admin

    $118K- $225K
Instant Data Lakes Mean Easy Connections from All Data Science, Analytics, ML/AI Tools

To make an impact now, data science teams must be able to use all of the latest tools for advanced analytics across diverse datasets. Machine learning and AI require the scale and flexibility of the public cloud. But “DIY” cloud stacks can be risky, and difficult to make work with different tools.

That’s why Cazena’s Instant Data Lake is designed with ease of use and accessibility in mind. The service allows for your data science and analytics teams to use whatever tool they want to use.

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“Our data scientists are focused on strategic initiatives such as fraud detection, data monetization and portfolio risk reduction…an automated private cloud data lake means our team always has a production-ready platform.”

Mike Maloney, VP Data Science & Innovation, The Riverstone Group