Big Data Expert Andrew Brust: Enterprises Aren’t So Cloud-Averse After All


November 13, 2014

By: Lovan Chetty

A few days ago we released the results of our Enterprise Big Data survey, led by GigaOm Research Director for Big Data and Analytics Andrew Brust. The report provides a clear view into how people are really thinking about Big Data, within all the context and constraints of operating a large enterprise.

It was great working with Andrew, and we were excited to see his take on the results of his research as posted in his blog today. Andrew is someone who deals with a huge population of cloud practitioners every month, so that’s why I found these words particularly impactful:

Now that we have finally become accustomed to startups being cloud-happy and Enterprises being cloud-averse, along comes some data to counter that.

We tend to think of the enterprise as anti-cloud. But in fact, that’s far from the case. Andrew continues:

Number one finding?  Our survey respondents aren’t so cloud-averse after all. A majority – 53% – of them are either using the cloud now (28%) for big data analytics or are planning to do so (25%).

And enterprises are thinking seriously about the cloud.

Another interesting outcome? It turns out that most cloud Big Data candidates want to move non-trivial amounts of data into the cloud. Specifically, 92% of survey participants want to move more than a terabyte. In fact, 20% want to move more than 100 terabytes.

Check out the rest of Andrew's post, or download the survey report itself.

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