Webinar Replay: SaaS Data Lakes

Simplifying Cloud Data Lakes for Rapid Analytics

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The Cazena SaaS Data Lake as a Service with Cloudera on AWS delivered the ideal solution, with built-in automation, security and no admin required.

The RiverStone Group Accelerates Strategic Impact.  

The RiverStone Group is a group of insurance, reinsurance, and service companies specializing in the management of legacy and run-off insurance businesses and portfolios.

A growing team of data scientists and actuaries are focused on strategic initiatives such as fraud detection, data monetization and portfolio risk reduction. A SaaS Data Lake from Cazena helps them quickly design, develop and launch tools that support operational productivity and impact. 

“Cazena’s fully-automated private SaaS data lake model means that our team always has a production-ready platform, without worrying about security operations, cloud infrastructure, platform DevOps, tool integration, upgrades, or support.” 

Mike Maloney Vice President of Innovation, Data Science & Governance, The Riverstone Group