The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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Data Lake 101 Resource Site

Welcome to the Data Lake Concepts resource site. The concept of data lakes was first introduced in 2010 and interest has grown steadily. While definitions vary wildly, a data lake is a data platform that can be very useful…or completely useless. Some define it narrowly as a repository for storing most or all of the data that an organization collects and creates in its native format. In other cases, the data lake may be the central repository for analytics for an organization. Read a more detailed overview in Data Lake 101: Definitions.  This site is designed to aggregate helpful news and content about Data Lakes. Please contact us if you have Data Lake News to share. 

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The Delicate Art of the Data Lake

In an ideal world, a data lake should keep data in a way that makes it readily available. That’s why the tools put into the lake are so important. Otherwise, it’s just a blob. Click here to hear what experts have to say


Seven Times When it’s Best to Use a Cloud-based Data Lake

Given the rise in data lake adoption, it’s important to know where and when a cloud data lake as a service may be most effective. Click here to see seven scenarios where a cloud data lake as a service is your best option.


Data Lake Adoption by the Numbers

However you define the data lake, it’s clear that there is interest in the concept, as well as success rates and ROI. Click here to see the latest analyst stats and anecdotal evidence, data lake levels are continuing to rise.

Data Lake Articles and News

Data Lake Definitions

Get your Data Lake 101 here, including key terms, definitions and more recommended reading. 

Oracle: What’s a Data Lake? (video)


Analyst Resources about Data Lakes

Gartner Inc, the tech analyst firm, has been in the middle of the data lake debate. 

Blog: Beware of the Data Lake Fallacy


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Read Data Lake Case Studies and success stories from Cazena Customers

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