The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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Success Stories

Cloud Data Lake Case Studies

Organizations across industries rely on Instant Cloud Data Lakes to accelerate a wide variety of data, analytics and digital transformation use cases. Explore cloud data lake case studies highlighting modernization, migration and next-gen ML/AI.

Modernization & Migration

Enterprises radically accelerate cloud modernization and migration with Instant Cloud Data Lakes. Cazena is production-ready in minutes and seamlessly handles all operations. Migrations are fast and efficient with no additional work required from your team.

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Machine Learning, AI & Digital Transformation

Instant Cloud Data Lakes turbocharge innovation and data science, while meeting critical security requirements. Cazena makes it easy to support any data and all analytics - R, Python, SQL, more - including popular AI, ML and data engineering tools.

Explore AI/ML Case Studies
Modernization and Migration

Worthington Industries

Worthington Industries, a premier steel processor, migrated their DIY on-premise data lake to the Cazena Instant Cloud Data Lake on AWS to provide a comprehensive view across the enterprise that enables a variety of analytics projects. Cazena empowers IT to focus on more strategic activities, and enables them to use their budget most effectively with no new staff or skills.

“The SaaS model for the data lake is important for us. My team previously spent a large portion of our time on troubleshooting platform performance, wrestling with security and connectivity issues, and managing upgrades. It was difficult to find qualified resources to help. We can now focus our time on the data engineering and analytics activities that will drive real value for our business."

Ken Kaufman Director of BI and Analytics, Worthington Industries

Modernization and Migration

Victoria University

Victoria University, an Australian public university with more than 40,000 students, is using Cazena to collect and manage the massive amounts of data generated by student interactions and their business systems. With Cazena’s Instant Data Lake with Cloudera on AWS, VU has improved educational outcomes and business operations, helping to attract and retain students.

“If we had to do this on our own, it would have taken at least six months. With guidance from BCS Technology and the Cazena's SaaS for Cloudera on AWS, we were up in a couple of weeks. We were able to get to work on the data, without having to worry about all the other requirements of managing the infrastructure ourselves.”

Modernization and Migration

14 West

14 West, the business services arm of The Agora media company, uses the Cazena SaaS Data Lake to deliver easy access to data from across all of their operations and systems. Now everyone from business users to analysts to data scientists access the data they need using the tools they like to deliver insights and drive revenue.

“We didn’t want to take on the burden of standing up a Hadoop environment and maintaining it. At my past organization, we had about ten folks working on it full-time. We felt there wasn’t value in that. Now Cazena can do this for us.

SaaS was also a lower risk way too to see if a data lake would meet our needs. We were able to get an environment for advanced analytics up really quickly, without needing to hire a team.”

Reid McLaughlin Chief Information Officer, 14 West

Powering Modernization in Financial Services & Insurance

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AL/ML & Digital Transformation


Global travel leader CWT started using Cazena for data science and ML in a matter of days — all without hiring any cloud or operations resources. Cazena empowers a large team of data scientists and analytics professionals to drive new revenue streams and improve operations without the complexity of a traditional big data platform.

“We've been able to deploy new ETL tools, new analytic engines, and essentially support both a hardcore team of data scientists and an additional layer of more business-oriented data scientists, all of whom come to Cazena and use it day in, day out -- either to do ad-hoc data science or to work building production, data science products.”

Gordon Coale Senior Architect, CWT

AL/ML & Digital Transformation

The Riverstone Group Accelerates the Impact of Data Science

The RiverStone Group is a group of insurance, reinsurance, and service companies specializing in the management of legacy and run-off insurance businesses and portfolios. A growing team of data scientists and actuaries are focused on strategic initiatives such as fraud detection, data monetization and portfolio risk reduction. A SaaS Data Lake from Cazena helps them quickly design, develop and launch tools that support operational productivity and impact. 

“Cazena’s fully-automated private SaaS data lake model means that our team always has a production-ready platform, without worrying about security operations, cloud infrastructure, platform DevOps, tool integration, upgrades, or support.” 

Mike Maloney Vice President of Innovation, Data Science & Governance, The Riverstone Group

AL/ML & Digital Transformation

Sentier Analytics

Sentier Analytics, a specialist firm delivering advanced data services to life sciences and pharmaceutical companies, depends on Cazena’s Instant Cloud Data Lakes as a platform to quickly develop and launch custom analytics projects for their clients. With Cazena, their data scientists don’t have to worry about infrastructure – they just work with the data to deliver impact for their customers.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say we wouldn’t be in business without Cazena and its enterprise-strength Instant Cloud Data Lake. By being powered by Cazena, we have a best in class data science environment that big companies spend tens of millions of dollars to build in house, for a very reasonable monthly fee.”

Rich Sokolosky Founder, Sentier Informatics