The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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Victoria University

Cazena's Instant Data Lake with Cloudera on AWS helps a top university improve educational outcomes and business operations.


Added advanced analytics instantly, with no additional resources or headcount required.


Modernized to a powerful foundation for ongoing Education and Operational Analytics.


Consolidated many data sources and tools in a single Data Lake for analytics with easy SaaS access.

About Victoria University

Victoria University, one of the world’s top higher-education institutions, hosts more than 40,000 students in multiple locations across Australia. With the advice of technology partner BCS Technologies, VU chose Cazena’s Instant Data Lake with Cloudera on AWS to deliver deep insights from the massive amounts of data generated by their students and systems.

Victoria University (VU) has been rapidly increasing its emphasis on advanced analytics, addressing academics, marketing, and operational efficiency. Part of VU’s goal was to leverage more data sources, using not just structured data from university databases, but also unstructured data from logs generated by other student systems and facilities. 

Due to the variety, volume, and diversity of the data they wanted to analyze, the analytics team knew VU would require more than a traditional data warehouse and more business intelligence (BI) tools. They were ready to try a Hadoop/Spark stack that could support all analytics, including R, Python, Java and more. 

VU turned to specialist analytics consultant BCS Technology for help in choosing the right service, platform and deployment. BCS led VU to an innovative solution, Cazena’s Instant Data Lake on AWS, with Cloudera’s industry-leading modern data stack embedded. 

The Challenges: Modernize Quickly

Implement a secure platform for big data and advanced analytics, without adding DevOps or IT requirements

Support decision making across the organization, including academic, operational, and business groups

Reduce the time it takes to collect, store, and analyze big data from many sources

Create a solid foundation for advanced analytics starting with proactively identifying  students at risk of dropping out

The Solution: A Cazena Instant Data Lake for Analytics/ML on AWS

With Cazena, VU now has a data lake for analytics/ML, including Cloudera, in a private, single-tenant AWS environment. Their Cazena platform includes all operations, security, compliance, monitoring, automation, and hybrid capabilities to keep Cloudera securely connected with VU’s different data sources and analytics tools.  BCS delivered valuable training and guidance on streaming data and other key tasks.

By choosing Cazena on AWS, VU was able to focus resources on real analytics use cases months sooner than planned, delivering value faster. The results of the first project speak for themselves: VU can now identify students at risk of dropping out within a few days based on predictive indicators. This gives VU a huge advantage in reaching out to at-risk students with assistance or resources to help them complete their educational plans.

As the use cases grow, technology flexibility will be critical. Their team’s advice to others? Make sure you have a very tangible use case that you can measure against, and be persistent in starting small.

SaaS on AWS Meant We Could Get Started with Advanced Analytics Quickly.

“If we had to do this on our own, it would have taken at least six months. With guidance from BCS Technology and the Cazena's SaaS for Cloudera on AWS, we were up in a couple of weeks. We were able to get to work on the data, without having to worry about all the other requirements of managing the infrastructure ourselves.”