The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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Cazena has powered CWT’s digital transformation journey, supporting global data science team to deliver use cases around the globe.


SaaS instantly empowered data science teams around the globe to use new analytics, AI and ML tools to drive transformation.

Cloud Agility

Easily expanded and changed their analytics and ML stack in scale, functionality and users -- without ever staffing a DevOps team.


Consistently delivers the performance SLAs, enterprise service, security and governance required by a multi-national corporation.

About CWT

CWT, the global leader in corporate travel, uses the Cazena to help make sense of the massive amounts of travel data they collect. With Cazena, CWT develops innovative solutions that drive revenue, streamline operations, and deliver deep insights to help improve their customer experience.

With more travel data than anyone in the industry, CWT recognized the tremendous opportunity to use this data to streamline customer experiences, improve costs, and monetize vast amounts of travel-related insights. To take advantage of the opportunity, CWT knew they needed a flexible, scalable data platform to support a growing data science team. 

The build vs. buy decision was simple: CWT didn’t want to spend months establishing a DevOps team to build and manage a high-performance data platform. Based on the features and CWT’s requirements, the decision was made to go with the Cazena for Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning.

The Challenges: Launch a fast, flexible platform for Data Science 

Support a global data science team and agile analytics, while meeting enterprise security and compliance requirements.

Minimize the need for additional cloud, data, or security skills. Leverage automation and SaaS.

Implement a scalable, cost-effective data lake with a flexible architecture for hybrid, multi-cloud and a wide variety of analytic requirements.

The Solution: A SaaS Data Lake for ALL Analytics

CWT’s SaaS Data Lake was delivered production-ready in hours, and quickly put to use. Over time, CWT has rapidly expanded its use of the Cazena SaaS Data Lake, scaling capacity to support hundreds of data scientists and data engineers. With multiple data teams accessing the platform directly, CWT has added new datasets and workloads, and continues to give high marks to Cazena for keeping things running smoothly.

Since adopting a SaaS Data Lake, CWT has launched numerous use cases, custom applications and even changed cloud providers, seamlessly migrating to AWS in 2018.  CWT continues to grow its usage of the Cazena SaaS Data Lake. In addition to their global data science team, the Data Lake is also used for BI and analytics by a number of groups within the company.  The Cazena SaaS Data Lake has truly empowered digital transformation

Turbocharging Global Data Science for Hundreds of Users.

“We've been able to deploy new ETL tools, new analytic engines, and essentially support both a hardcore team of data scientists and an additional layer of more business-oriented data scientists, all of whom come to Cazena and use it day in, day out -- either to do ad-hoc data science or to work building production, data science products.”

Gordon Coale Senior Architect, CWT