The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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Sentier Analytics

Advanced analytics experts deliver custom applications “as a service” to life sciences, biotech and pharma clients, by delivering on a Cazena Instant Cloud Data Lake.


Sentier has dramatically accelerated time to market for its predictive analytics and machine learning applications.


Instant Cloud Data Lakes make it easy to seamlessly ingest data from many data sources – internal, cloud or third-party.


Applications meet strict compliance and security standards, platforms are monitored and patched 24x7.

About Sentier Analytics

Sentier Analytics provides data science, advanced analytics, and data engineering services for the life sciences, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries, with particular expertise in sales and marketing. With Cazena’s Instant Cloud Data Lake, Sentier is able to focus on delivering advanced analytics solutions instead of building and maintaining the underlying data and cloud platforms.

Sentier offers specific expertise in predictive analytics, a complicated endeavor. For example, “marketing mix modeling” is the practice of using analytics to measure the effectiveness of different marketing channels. 

These types of applications require data from many sources, including corporate applications and third-party data providers, such as IMS for healthcare. Rather than build and maintain a new application and data hub from scratch for each individual client, Sentier quickly deploys its applications “as a service” on a Cazena Instant Cloud Data Lakes.

The Challenges: Accelerate Delivery of Custom Analytics Apps

Develop and deliver impactful applications for predictive analytics in life sciences, pharmaceutical and healthcare 

Deploy self-service applications to teams with limited IT skills or support, but strict compliance and security requirements

Securely ingest, store, and run a variety of advanced analytics on datasets from numerous internal and third-party cloud sources

The Solution: A Cloud Data Lake for Custom Analytics Apps

Sentier wanted to focus its growth strategically. Rather than hire a team to build and maintain a new data hub from scratch for each client, Sentier’s cloud applications are built and delivered “as a Service” on Instant Cloud Data Lakes from Cazena. Sentier creates custom analytics apps — and fast outcomes — with the confidence these applications work seamlessly and meet the strict industry compliance and security standards of their clients.

By deploying applications on Cazena Instant Cloud Data Lakes, Sentier teams stay focused on data science and strategic work such as profiling and integrating ideal data sources, machine learning model generation and testing, dashboard development, report generation, and more. While many of Sentier’s apps are designed for self-service analytics, clients also have the option to call in expertise from Sentier’s ‘data science on-demand’ service for hands-on help with more complex requirements.

Sentier’s custom sales and marketing analytics solutions have delivered a wide range of results for companies in life sciences, biotech and pharmaceuticals. For some, the impact comes from accelerating outcomes and being able to monitor their campaigns, analyze data, and make changes in near-real-time – like shifting budgets to more effective marketing channels. For others, the results come from improved strategic decisions — a direct benefit of having secure and easy access to data and analytics via SaaS dashboards.

Powered by Cazena to Accelerate Analytic Impact.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say we wouldn’t be in business without Cazena and its enterprise-strength Instant Cloud Data Lake. By being powered by Cazena, we have a best in class data science environment that big companies spend tens of millions of dollars to build in house, for a very reasonable monthly fee.”

Rich Sokolosky Founder, Sentier Informatics