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Simplifying Cloud Data Lakes for Rapid Analytics

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Cloudera Migrations to AWS – Incentives & Credits


Cloudera Migrations

Cazena’s is the solution for risk free, automated Cloudera migrations to AWS and Microsoft Azure. Migrations to Cazena’s SaaS platforms are secure and proven. Enterprises have migrated thousands of Cloudera and Hortonworks data and analytics workloads with Cazena tools and expertise. Cazena is the Cloudera + cloud expert, with SaaS solutions that embed and optimize the complete Cloudera stack.

Benefits for IT, Analytics and the Bottom Line.

Cazena’s SaaS model benefits everyone. IT can automate more, reduce costs, reduce manual work and empower innovation to support the business. Data science and analytics teams get the agility, scale and tools they need to make an impact. Organizations increase agility, improve ROI from data projects and modernize efficiently.

Cazena is the Fastest Path for Cloudera Cloud Migrations to AWS and Azure.

Cazena cloud migration projects are completed quickly and efficiently, with risk-free POCs and guaranteed outcomes. Target cloud platforms are provisioned on demand, and complete lift-and-shift data lake migrations completed in weeks — with no specialized skills required.

Accelerate Cloudera Cloud Migrations, Cut Costs and Reduce Risks with Automation.

Migrations with Cazena automatically ensure the best price-performance for Cloudera on AWS or Azure, with no new admin requirements or specialized cloud skills. Subscription pricing includes all operations, from regular security monitoring and patching to major platform upgrades. Cazena is always production-ready and intelligently optimized for your workloads, so you focus on the outcomes, not on the infrastructure.

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