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CDAO Jumpstart

Modernize & Show Results in Weeks

If you’re in a Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) role, you know that modernizing with analytics means delivering tangible outcomes with your data. Unfortunately, the complexity of people, process, and technology can significantly slow down results — and delay your impact by months or years. That’s too long to wait.

CDAO Jumpstart is your flywheel for data innovation, giving you the platform, tools and resources to rapidly deliver use cases.

Cazena’s CDAO Jumpstart radically accelerates outcomes, helping you deliver real results in weeks. Jumpstart means you can quickly deliver outcomes that drive meaningful visibility and measurable top-line impact.

Key Elements of the Jumpstart Program

CDAO Jumpstart is a 4-week program tailored to help you deliver tangible results from your first cloud data lake use case:

1. White-Glove Onboarding: CDAO Jumpstart is a guided program, with a dedicated data team supporting your success. We start with a JumpStart Whiteboard, an hour-long call to help you uncover the best use cases, goals and resources. With the ideal first use case and defined outcomes in hand, we will work with your team to outline key data sources and analytical approaches.

2. SaaS delivery model to help align organizations with CDAO goals. As a CDAO, you will need to interface with IT, Security, and Operations groups to get access to data. Working across multiple teams can slow down access, often creating friction with changing requirements. CDAO Jumpstart streamlines the process by combining all IT, Security, Compliance and Operational requirements in a single secure SaaS service customized for your needs, flattening the organizational friction.

3. Instant Data Lake for Immediate Access to Data – Cazena’s Instant Data Lake enables ingestion of multiple data sources into an encrypted, compliant single-tenant cloud environment provisioned for your teams in minutes, with all analytics and tools readily available based on the use-case. Your data analysts or data scientists can immediately tap into this service, run analytics, build and deploy models.

4. Data Prep for Analytics – If you don’t have data prep or data engineering skills, CDAO Jumpstart provides data prep expertise and accelerators to help prep and harmonize ingested data. Your analysts or data scientists can immediately query data and build models.

CDAO Jumpstart means that within just a few weeks, you can deliver the first set of outcomes – dashboards/reports, insights, or models.

“With Cazena, we've been able to massively extend the amount of use cases we surface.”

Jumpstart: Your Foundation for Rapid Use Case Delivery
  • Support All Use Cases

    Determine use case goals, data, tools and analytics.
  • Ingest & Store Any Data

    Ingest and securely store all data in your Instant Cloud Data Lake.
  • Easily Prep Data

    Use the Instant Data Lake to prepare any data for analytics.
  • Self-Service Analytics

    Give instant SaaS access to data scientists, data engineers and analysts.
  • Deliver Outcomes

    Quickly show outcomes and impact to top-line revenue and bottom-line costs.
  • Rinse & Repeat

    The Instant Data Lake expands and flexes to support all analytic use cases.

Benefits for CDAOs and Organizations

Show a Visible Step to Transformation. CDAO Jumpstart helps you define, scope and deliver outcomes from an ideal first use case. Your organization will take away new insight, as well as best practices and templates for ongoing data innovation. You’ll prove that you can deliver results quickly and cost-effectively.

Deliver on the cloud – successfully securely & cost-effectively. Cazena’s Instant Cloud Data Lake for analytics/ML helps you deliver outcomes quickly, by supporting all data and any best-of-breed tools (existing or future!). Cazena’s Cloud Data Lakes are automated, turnkey and fully-managed, ensuring cloud success.

Show real outcomes quickly and scalably. Jumpstart ensures that you deliver an outcome from your first use case quickly. That is a critical step to proving value and paving the way for multiple repeatable projects. Cazena’s flexible platform will scale cost-effectively and allow you to deliver, transform and grow your leadership in data and analytics without requiring addition of operational teams.

“The Business Impact of Cloud Data Lakes: Faster Time to Analytics...The enterprise can concentrate on higher-level activities, such as developing new products and services, improving customer engagement and increasing competitive differentiation.”