The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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CDAO Jumpstart

Modernize & Show Results in Weeks

If you’re in a Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) role, you know that modernizing with analytics means delivering real outcomes with your data quickly. Unfortunately, organizational and tech complexity can significantly slow down results, and delay your impact by months or years. That’s too long to wait.


Jumpstart flattens the friction of people, process and technology with a turnkey solution so CDAOs can deliver outcomes 10-100x faster. 

CDAO Jumpstart with Cazena is a data leader’s Flywheel for Innovation — a repeatable process for rapid delivery of use cases and outcomes.


Deliver Outcomes Quickly with Jumpstart:

Preparing: Jumpstart Workshop to Scope Your Use Case. Everything starts with a Jumpstart Whiteboard, a short, virtual workshop to help you uncover the best use cases, goals and resources. With the ideal first use case and defined outcomes in hand, we will work with your team to outline key data sources and analytical approaches.

Day 1: Ready to Use – All Expertise, Automation, Technology included. Everything for your Jumpstart is ready to use on Day 1, so you can get right to work. A team of data experts will help and guide you every step of the way, ensuring your success.

Data Ingest: Cazena enables ingestion of multiple data sources into an encrypted, compliant single-tenant cloud environment provisioned automatically, with all analytics and tools readily available based on the use case.

Data Prep: If you don’t have data prep or data engineering skills, CDAO Jumpstart provides data prep expertise and accelerators to help prep and harmonize ingested data, so it’s ready for analytics, data science and machine learning.

Self-Service Analytics. Your data analysts or data scientists can immediately tap into the Cazena service, run analytics, build and deploy models. The self-service SaaS console makes it easy and intuitive for teams.

Deliver an Outcome Quickly. In 4 weeks (or sooner!) CDAO Jumpstart helps you deliver the first set of outcomes – dashboards/reports, insights, or models.

Get real outcomes quickly and Jumpstart your Innovation Flywheel with Cazena!

“With Cazena, we've been able to massively extend the amount of use cases we surface.”

Is CDAO Jumpstart Right for You?

If you have data and goals, Cazena Jumpstart helps you turn that into tangible outcomes.

  • Need more data skills to deliver your first outcome? To deliver your first outcome, you’ll need skills not only for analytics and ML, but also for data engineering, data ingestion, and data management. Jumpstart includes those skills, and guides your team through the process.
  • Want to make it easier to quickly & easily orchestrate across teams? Cross-organizational friction is common when coordinating data owners in IT, security, LOB, etc. Jumpstart eliminates friction with our enterprise platform and expertise.
  • Need a better tech stack for your team to make a fast impact? Infrastructure for data & new analytics use cases can take 6+ months & big budgets to deploy, lengthening innovation cycles. Jumpstart delivers your platform instantly and cost-effectively, so you can get to work and make a fast impact.


Jumpstart: Your Foundation for Rapid Use Case Delivery
  • Support All Use Cases

    One centralized environment for any data types, all tools, languages and analytics.
  • Ingest & Store Any Data

    Ingest and securely store all data in Cazena, access easily via SaaS console.
  • Easily Prep Data

    Use Cazena's tools to prepare any data for analytics and machine learning.
  • Self-Service Analytics

    Data scientists, data engineers and analysts can get instant SaaS access to Cazena.
  • Deliver Outcomes

    Quickly show outcomes and impact to top-line revenue and bottom-line costs.
  • Rinse & Repeat

    Cazena expands and flexes to support all analytic use cases.

“Just Add Data: Cazena is Truly Instant. Cazena is a turnkey service targeted at enterprises wanting a cloud-based analytics platform that requires minimal, if any, resources to manage.”