Technology Partners

​Cazena's Big Data as a Service embeds best-of-breed technologies, including cloud infrastructure, databases, analytic engines and hundreds of other open-source and custom components. Our value is augmenting, automating and "fully-managing" these complex technologies, making them simple, secure and optimized for the cloud. 


Cazena is the fastest way to Cloudera in the cloud, with fast-start options on Azure and AWS that will give you a production-ready platform in days. Tell us about the workload, and we’ll use our Workload Intelligence and benchmarking data to deliver a fast, secure platform that’s enterprise-grade. Learn more about Cloudera and Cazena.


Trifacta is the global leader in data preparation. Trifacta leverages decades of innovative research in human-computer interaction, scalable data management and machine learning to make the process of preparing data faster and more intuitive. Around the globe, tens of thousands of users at more than 8,000 companies, including leading brands like Deutsche Boerse, Google, Kaiser Permanente, New York Life and PepsiCo, are unlocking the potential of their data with Trifacta’s market-leading data wrangling solutions. Read about the RCG | Enable Credit Analytics Solution on Cazena, powered by Trifacta & Cloudera.


RStudio is the leading development environment for R, and performs well on Cazena’s Spark-powered Data Science Sandbox. RStudio Server Pro is directly embedded within the Cazena Data Science Sandbox, along with notebooks and other tools. Learn about RStudio and Cazena


An MPP SQL engine available on AWS, Cazena uses Redshift to power certain Data Mart configurations. Cazena wraps Redshift with additional features and security, making it easier for enterprises to use it for cloud data warehousing. Contact us to learn more about AWS Redshift and Cazena.


Greenplum, recently open-sourced by Pivotal, is an MPP database recommended in certain configurations on Azure or AWS. Cazena optimizes the performance of Greenplum in the cloud and provides a supported environment for critical workloads that rely on Greenplum. Contact us to learn more about Greenplum and Cazena. 


Microsoft Azure provides the cloud infrastructure and many other components for Cazena services. Cazena relies on high-performance Azure automation and cloud storage components whenever possible, to optimize delivery of data marts, data science, data warehouses and data lakes on Microsoft Azure. Cazena is a co-sell ready ISV, ready and certified for fast deployment on Azure. Learn more about Microsoft Azure and Cazena.


AWS is a cloud technology partner of Cazena, providing infrastructure and other services for Cazena’s data and analytics solutions. Cazena relies on AWS's proven technology and services to power many of its enterprise solutions, which layer additional security and data movement capabilities on top of existing AWS services. Learn more about AWS and Cazena.


RapidMiner builds software for real data science, fast and simple. We make data science teams more productive through a lightning fast platform that unifies data prep, machine learning, and predictive model deployment. More than 250,000 users in over 150 countries use RapidMiner products to drive revenue, reduce costs, and avoid risks.  

To learn more about these or other technologies embedded within Cazena’s services, or to become a technology partner, please get in touch.

Cazena App Cloud Solutions

Access a broad range of machine learning, analytics and data preparation tools, deployed in the same secure cloud environment as your Cazena data platform. Explore solutions below, learn more about the Cazena App Cloud or contact us:



Anaconda is the leading development environment for Python, and runs seamlessly with Cazena’s Spark-powered Data Science Sandbox. Use Python with Cazena's Data Lake and Data Science Sandbox, along with notebooks and other tools. 


Arcadia Data provides the first native visual analytics software that runs within modern data platforms for the scale, flexibility, performance, and security users need to glean meaningful and real-time business insights and design data-centric applications in the era of big data. Arcadia Enterprise is purpose-built to analyze large volumes of data without moving it, filling the gap between self-service BI and advanced analytics for use cases like cybersecurity, IoT analytics, and customer intelligence. 


Cazena is the fastest way to get access to Cloudera's Data Science Workbench in the cloud, with fast-start options on Azure and AWS that will give you a powerful data science environment in days.  Learn more about Cloudera and Cazena.


StreamSets provides an innovative data operations platform that reinvents how enterprises deliver timely and trustworthy data to their critical applications. Its mission is to bring performance management to data in motion so that data continually arrives on time and with quality, empowering business critical analysis and decision-making.


As the leader in Predictive Behavioral Analytics, Syntasa is helping enterprises generate real-time actionable customer insight that can enhance customer experience and drive conversion. Syntasa’s software can be installed in-house, which allows enterprises to join sensitive business data with clickstream data at the individual customer and account level. By leveraging open-source technologies, Syntasa seamlessly fits in the new enterprise big data analytics ecosystem. It provides ready-to-use behavioral analytics apps that significantly reduce time-to-value. Authorized users can extend Syntasa’s capabilities through open source tools with full access to the Syntasa generated data, analytics, models, and dashboards.

Analytics & Data Consultants

Cazena partners with best-in-class analytic consultants, developers and integrators. Explore our partner network below and contact us to learn more:


Persistent Systems (BSE & NSE: PERSISTENT) builds software that drives the business of their customers. Persistent serves software product companies and enterprises with software at the core of their digital transformation.

Learn more at


Clairvoyant is a data and decision engineering company that helps organizations navigate, realize, and maximize the value of big data. The company provides managed services, big data and analytics consulting, for the Hadoop ecosystem to some of the world’s largest brands. Clairvoyant clients rely on its deep vertical knowledge and best-in-class services to build products and platforms using data, analytics and the cloud. Founded in 2012, Clairvoyant is headquartered in Phoenix with offices in the U.S, India, and Canada. For more information, visit


Bardess is an elite team of consultants and data scientists that extend boundaries to drive value by thoughtful design, best-in-class partnerships, a focus on speed, and time to value. Through their innovative LEAP methodology, Bardess implements wide-ranging, flexible solutions that connect enterprise data to provide insightful and actionable insights. For more information, visit:

Learn more about Bardess and Cazena's partnership to deliver Private SaaS for Qlik.


Eden Smith is a niche data consulting and staffing specialist. Headquartered in London we work with private and public organisations across EMEA with imminent expansion into USA. Our primary aim is to help you make sense of your data so you can make smarter data-driven decisions. Our extensive partner network and technology agnostic approach means we can pick the solution that works for you. You also gain access to an international talent pool of permanent and interim data specialists from entry level to C-suite talent via our executive search function. Learn more>>


Cloudaeon is a start-up providing artificial intelligence based solutions that help Retailers and Supply Chain customers plan and forecast, protect margin, unlock sales, and cut waste. Cloudaeon’s Software-as-a-Service platform generates advanced analytical insights and real-time decisions that drive action throughout organizations, including operations, finance and marketing. Cloudaeon is headquartered in London, with development centers in Pune, India. Learn more at


RCG is a global provider of digital solutions across mobile, web, cloud, and legacy platforms, with a focus on actionable data and analytics. We have a rich history of enabling clients in the Global 1000 marketplace to realize their digital ambitions — serving clients across a range of markets, with special emphasis on financial services, insurance, healthcare, and consumer industries. In today’s digitally driven world, transformation is essential if your company wants to disrupt the status quo and be respected as a leader in your field. RCG is the partner you can trust to help you realize your objectives and turn ideas into action. RCG is based in Iselin, New Jersey with offices throughout the United States, and offshore delivery centers in the Philippines and India.

Read about the RCG | Enable Credit Analytics Solution on Cazena, powered by Trifacta & Cloudera.


Sentier Health Informatics is an analytics and data management company located in Boston, Massachusetts. Their mission is to deliver actionable healthcare information into the hands of analysts, data scientists, and decision makers as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Watch our webinar with Sentier & Forrester on Accelerating Life Sciences & Healthcare with Managed Cloud Services for Analytics.


BCS Technology is a leading IT Professional services organization that provides end to end solutions in big data and analytics through a team of highly qualified and seasoned data scientists. With the exponential growth of BCS and big data, a subsidiary of ML Labs has been formed, which focuses on providing machine learning and deep learning algorithms to clients focused on big data and analytics. BCS Technology is a strategic partner of Cloudera, and develops ground-breaking analytics solutions for Cloudera platforms. 

Read more about BCS Technology Partnering with Cazena to Provide Big Data as a Service. is a technology consulting firm empowering data to drive innovation and advanced analytics. We specialize in cutting-edge Big Data, Machine Learning, and Custom Software strategy, analysis, architecture, and implementation solutions. We are an elite group with MIT roots, shining when tasked with complex missions. Whether it’s assembling mounds of data from a variety of sources, surfacing intelligence with Deep Learning, or building high-volume, highly-available systems, we consistently deliver.


Cynozure is a data and analytics strategy consultancy obsessed with creating value from data. We exist to help organizations find those nuggets of data that can truly improve their business in a way not previously possible. We’re passionate about finding innovative solutions to business challenges. Our team has worked in industry first hand, so know what it takes to get things delivered - and take them from strategic idea to reality. Our mission is to improve outcomes for clients, and make our clients stand out because of their brilliance. We do this by bringing together best in class data, people, knowledge and technologies.


Clemerin has one purpose: to help our customers improve their ability to make smart decisions that create value for the business. We believe that the best decision makers are those who learn from the past, are alert to current and future conditions, and always evaluate alternatives. Clémerin has full advisory and implementation services around Analytics and Big Data initiatives. We help our customers accelerate the adoption of these new technologies by guiding them through the journey and overcome the many different challenges while transitioning the path.


Salem Global Partners is a solution based firm with offices in New York, London and India. We provide strategic hires, resourcing and people based consultancy services to banks, financial institutions, consulting firms and technology vendors. Our consultants with the right skills, experience and profile to meet the agreed objectives, they can be engaged on a project basis, as individuals or as teams. Salem Global Partners is a people driven organization dedicated to serving its clients, its candidates and its employees, building partnerships and providing the highest standard of service. 


Mango Solutions provides complex analysis solutions, consulting, training, and application development for some of the most well-known companies in the world. We know that companies are working with more data than ever before and need to make decisions based on complex analysis. Since 2002, we have been offering a tailored service that dovetails into existing infrastructures, technologies and cultures to help companies make those decisions. Our experienced team of statistical, mathematical and IT consultants bring a wealth of experience to provide solutions to customers across a range of industries.


Ntegra are IT experts and champions of innovation. They have a broad spectrum of knowledge, capabilities, skills and products at their fingertips, which they can exploit to enable your success. Key to Ntegra’s success is their ability to integrate innovative technologies such as Cazena into the Enterprise to help drive maximum value from the investment. Find out more about their Time to Insights, Big Data & MDM propositions powered by Cazena.


Logan Data was founded with a vision of providing Data Consulting Services to businesses of various domains. Logan Data was designed to be a customer-centric service provider for data consulting services and solutions in the New England Area, with a keen interest in Big Data and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Practices. We have expertise in Managed Services in Cloud Integration. We provide solutions to clients using Cloudera and Hortonworks, and our office is located in Westford, MA (North of Boston).


Pragmatic Works is a consulting, software and training company that focuses on helping customers leverage their data to make better business decisions. We are experts on data management and performance, Business Intelligence, Big Data and cloud technologies. Pragmatic Works has served more than 7,200 customers globally, across multiple industries including banking, insurance, financial, automotive and education, among others.