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​​Enterprises rely Cazena’s Private SaaS Solutions on AWS for data lakes, analytics, data science, ML/AI and data engineering. Cazena is delivered as single-tenant private SaaS solutions with subscriptions that include everything: AWS infrastructure, storage, databases, analytic engines, security and 24x7 operations.
Everything is automated, secured and managed 24x7 -- no admin time or DevOps skills required. Cazena has tools and templates that simplify AWS cloud migrations, even from datacenters or complex environments. Now, enterprise teams can easily use AWS for all analytics and securely connect global users, tools and data. 
  • Easily use AWS for a wide range of data and analytics workloads: Get production-ready SaaS Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and Data Science. Cazena is delivered as private SaaS, optimized for your team's unique set of workloads.
  • Scale with automation: Cazena makes it easy to migrate workloads to AWS, reducing TCO and admin requirements. Cazena's delivery model enables global accessibility for analytics and simplifies connections with tools and data sources. 
  • Get the best price-performance: Private SaaS solutions are optimized to deliver the ideal price-performance for your unique set of workloads. Get the most cost-effective environments for your current data and analytics workloads, without any complexity. 
  • Rely on the enterprise-grade security: Cazena SaaS solutions include end-to-end operations and high-end security, with 24x7 monitoring, vulnerability assessment, automatic patching and upgrade testing.
Customer Highlight
"We would have to hire a minimum of seven people to have 24/7 coverage like Cazena’s."
- Craig Haughan, VP Data, CWT
CWT, the world's leading digital travel management firm, relies on a Private SaaS Data Lake on AWS from Cazena for a wide variety of data science and analytics. Read more about CWT's SaaS Data Lake on AWS >>  
Private SaaS Solutions on AWS
Cazena offers private SaaS solutions on AWS for all analytics workloads -- from BI to AI and beyond. Cazena’s intelligent provisioning automatically installs, configures and optimizes every SaaS environment to deliver the best price-performance. Users see a simple Cazena interface, with options to move data, connect analytics apps or use other tools (Cloudera Navigator, etc). Cazena optimizes for workloads and budget, so you get the best price-performance, with no complexity.  

Cazena Data Mart on AWS: Fully-Managed Redshift

The Cazena Data Mart as a Service is designed to support analytics, business intelligence and data warehousing workloads and on AWS, is typically powered by Amazon's Redshift database. 

  • Migrate data warehouse appliance workloads to the cloud, offload appliances, free capacity in on-premises appliances such as IBM Netezza, Actian Matrix, Pivotal Greenplum and others.
  • Collect and consolidate data from a wide variety of SaaS, cloud and on-premises data sources; Improve data access for employees, partners, customers, contractors, etc.
  • Connect and analyze data with any standard SQL business intelligence, visualization or advanced analytics tools including Tableau, Spotfire, etc.
  • Get plug and play integration with existing ETL, data warehouse appliances, analytics and business intelligence tools – augment current processes easily.

Learn more about the Cazena Data Mart as a Service. 


Cazena Data Lake with Cloudera on AWS 

The Cazena SaaS Data Lake, aka "Data Lake as a Service", is ideal for a wide variety of datasets. SaaS Data Lakes on AWS are typically based on Cloudera (Hadoop/Spark), often with additional analytics engines, object storage or data streaming services.

  • Easily collect, move and store big data from numerous cloud and on-premises sources, including SaaS, purchased data, public/open data, IoT, social, etc.
  • Migrate and expand on-premises Cloudera workloads in AWS to add new capabilities, reduce costs and improve accessibility. 

Learn more about the Cazena SaaS Data Lake as a Service. 

Cazena Data Science Sandbox on AWS: Fully-Managed RStudio Server + Cloudera  

The Cazena Data Science Sandbox as a Service is essentially a data lake optimized for advanced analytics, typically optimized for R, Spark and Python, often with additional analytics engines. 

  • Get a flexible data science environment that allows you to do a wide range of analytics including SQL, R, Python, Java, etc.; run models at cloud-scale without having to manage or maintain the underlying technology platform. 
  • Stay focused with unconstrained analytic environments that are optimized and fully supported "as a service," including security, patching, upgrades, backup/restore, etc.

Learn more about the Cazena Data Science Sandbox as a Service. 


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