Cloudera as a Service on Microsoft Azure or AWS

​Fully-Managed, No Assembly Required

Cazena offers Cloudera as a Service on Microsoft Azure and AWS, which helps enterprises radically simplify data science, data lakes, ML/AI, analytics, BI and data engineering in the cloud. Cazena's cloud solutions include the complete Cloudera stack (EDH, Altus, etc.), infrastructure from Azure or AWS, security, analytics and other best-of-breed software. Everything is integrated, fully-managed and monitored, with automation and optimization to ensure the best performance at the lowest price. Cazena is ideal for cloud migrations, new Cloudera deployments, expanding existing Cloudera clusters to the cloud or hybrid data architectures that span cloud and on-premises clusters.

With Cazena, no special cloud or DevOps skills are required for Cloudera in the cloud, so teams can get started quickly. Solutions are delivered on-demand, ready for data ingest and analytics with intuitive SaaS interfaces. Analysts can use SQL, R, Python and other methods — or connect to data with any analytics, data science and ML tools including: Cloudera Data Science Workbench, RStudio, Anaconda, DataRobot, Arcadia Data, Tableau and many more. Cazena is the fastest way to get up and running with Cloudera on AWS or Microsoft Azure

Agile & Flexible

Cazena makes it easy to use Cloudera on AWS or Azure with a huge range of analytics methods and tools. The integrated Cazena AppCloud accelerates adoption of new capabilities, keeping teams up-to-date.


Fully-managed Cloudera-as-a-Service solutions help companies scale to the cloud with automation — no new DevOps work required. Cazena has proven to be half the cost of self-managed cloud data platforms.

Secure & Monitored

Cazena delivers best-in-class enterprise security, governance and compliance, including private data clouds, encryption and 24x7 monitoring, for risk reduction and enterprise confidence.



Cloudera as a Service

Cazena’s fully-managed service enabled us to implement Cloudera quickly.” 

Haughan, VP Data, CWT

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Use Cases for Cloudera as a Service on Azure and AWS
Cazena supports a wide range of enterprise workloads with integrated cloud solutions delivered "as a service" with Cloudera software and services, cloud infrastructure (Azure or AWS) and other best of breed components. Solutions are intelligently provisioned, optimized and fully-managed 24x7 by Cazena.

Data Science Sandboxes for Advanced Analytics, ML, AI with Cloudera

The Cazena+Cloudera Data Science Sandbox Solution has everything for advanced analytics in one centralized secure platform, including capabilities to ingest, store, share and analyze data with any methods (R, Python, Java, SQL, etc). Connect existing tools and adopt new capabilities via the Cazena AppCloud. Cazena offers seamless support for Cloudera Data Science Workbench, RStudio, Anaconda, Data Robot and more. Learn more about the Cazena+Cloudera Data Science Sandbox >

Cloudera Data Lake as a Service, New or Migrations

A cloud Data Lake as a Service has many advantages: accessibility, cost-control and flexibility. Cazena helps enterprises migrate existing clusters to a Data Lake as a Service on AWS or Azure. Built-in automation, analytics and intuitive web interfaces increase data lake usability and adoption, while Cazena’s fully-managed model reduces costs and frees up resources. Use data lakes to collect, consolidate and analyze data. Cazena makes it easy to ingest data from any cloud or datacenter sources, including SaaS applications, SaaS, EDWs, data streams, IOT/sensor logs, purchased datasets, etc. Cazena’s Data Lake as a Service leverages Cloudera to deliver a unified cloud environment that’s secure, efficient and accessible for users, tools and data. Learn more about Cazena+Cloudera for Data Lakes >

Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization, Beyond SQL

Many organization are evolving Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDWs) by moving workloads to big data or cloud platforms that support a wider range of methods that just SQL. More teams want to use R, Python, Java or specialized tools that aren't supported by EDWs. Cazena offers a fast path for data warehouse modernization in the cloud. Get fully-managed cloud data warehouses or marts that leverage Cloudera (EDH, Altus, etc) and other components. Cazena’s model makes it easy to use existing business intelligence and analytics tools (Tableau, Spotfire, etc) and add new advanced capabilities for R, Python, Java and more.

Disaster Recovery for Data & Analytics with Cloudera on AWS or Azure

Cazena supports enterprise requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery. Enterprise disaster recovery solutions embed Cloudera’s versatile software stack on proven cloud infrastructure. If the unexpected occurs, Cazena’s fully-managed Cloudera as a a Services is enterprise-ready, secure and portable.

Fast Start, Start Smart with Cloudera on Azure and AWS

Get started intelligently with Cloudera, by using Cazena’s fully-managed cloud solutions. The as-a-service delivery model means that you won’t need a team or specialized skills to start using Cloudera on AWS or Microsoft Azure. The Start Smart program adds expertise for use-cases, ensuring a successful deployment in weeks. Contact us to learn more about programs for getting started with Cloudera on Azure and AWS. Read more about fully-managed Big Data as a Service >

Augment Existing Clusters, Implement Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Cazena has the software and expertise to augment existing Cloudera clusters with Azure or AWS cloud infrastructure. Evolve on-prem Cloudera clusters with new cloud-connected clusters that are globally accessible, with built-in analytics, data science and ML capabilities. A cloud cluster makes it easier to adopt new capacity or add new analytics capabilities or tools instantly (Cloudera Data Science Workbench, RStudio, Anaconda, etc). Cazena drops-in to existing environments easily, using Cazena gateway software to keep the cloud and datacenters securely connected. With enterprise services and customers on both Azure and AWS, Cazena is uniquely qualified to assist with multi-cloud implementations. Contact us to learn more about Cloudera as a Service on Microsoft Azure or AWS.


Cazena + Cloudera for Data Science

Cazena helps you hit the ground running with Cloudera's Spark / Hadoop stack, optimized for data science and analytics teams.

  • Fully-managed solution includes Cloudera Azure or AWS, and support for a wide range of tools and methods (SQL, R, Python, Java, etc.)
  • Seamless support for Cloudera services (Altus, EDH, etc.) and Cloudera Data Science Workbench.
  • Solutions are delivered enterprise-ready for secure data ingest and analytics. Start now, make an impact sooner.


Fast, Agile & Easy to Use

Cazena provisions new environments in hours, thanks to automation, workload intelligence and DevOps built-into our solutions


Cazena is intuitive for analysts, data engineers and data scientists. Automation and DevOps are built-in, so no special skills are required to deploy and run Cloudera in the cloud.

Instantly give analytics teams the flexibility they need, with the security and management control the company requires. Cazena's web interfaces makes it simple to load data securely; compression and encryption are automatic.

Fully-Managed, DevOps Built-In

Fully-managed for Cazena means end-to-end, cloud to cluster to workload. Cazena includes production operations, upgrades, security patching, testing and more. That means teams don't need to spend any time on cluster administration.

Cazena reduces the time and resources required to secure and optimize Cloudera on the Azure and AWS.


Any Analytics & AppCloud

Cazena includes embedded support for R, Python, SQL, Java and other methods, and supports connections from a wide variety of tools and methods. Cazena optimizes environments for mixed analytics workloads, and can support many use cases in one platform. 

The Cazena AppCloud includes data, analytics and ML tools, and makes it easy to adopt the latest capabilities including Cloudera Data Science Workbench, RStudio, Anaconda, Arcadia Data, DataRobot and others. 



Fully-Managed Cloudera in 4 Minutes

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24x7 End to End, White-Glove Support – Cazena provides 24 x 7 support solutions. That means one call for any issues. Escalation moves through solution architects, engineers and developers, all with years of experience on Cloudera, data and cloud platforms. Cazena also has strong partnerships with Cloudera, other technology partners and cloud providers to triage complex issues, if need arises.

Best TCO Assured via Intelligent Provisioning, Ongoing Optimization SLA monitoring – Cazena handles all provisioning, using automation to deploy Cloudera with the ideal cloud configuration to deliver the best price-performance and TCO.  In an ever-evolving cloud environment, Cazena delivers exceptional value by evaluating workload performance, benchmarking cloud infrastructure and automatically optimizing Cloudera clusters to ensure SLAs are satisfied. Cazena's simple, enterprise-friendly pricing model allows for predictable pricing and performance, with room for expansion. Pricing is based on the Cazena services deployed rather than complex cloud pricing models.

Industry-Leading Security Model - Cazena was built from the ground up for cloud security and has the specialized software and expertise to deliver the most secure Cloudera deployments in the public cloud. All services include the Cazena Gateway software, which securely connects analytics applications and data sources with Cazena. The Gateway is designed to seamlessly connect cloud and on-premise environments, including functions to manage networking, VPN, data access, user access, analytics tools and manageability.  Visit the Cazena Security page to learn more

Single-Tenant Security

Cazena deploys a single-tenant Cloudera environment that is Kerberized and encrypts/decrypts all data in motion and at rest by default. The Cloudera clusters are managed and monitored to conform to strict enterprise security and compliance standards.

Encryption Built-in

Data encryption is built into Cazena's data ingestion tools for built in peace of mind. It is more efficient to move and store data in the cloud once for team access. Cazena handles staging and storage of data on object stores for a single point of data management.

Audited for Compliance

Cazena is GDPR-ready, and has been audited successfully for SOC II compliance and other security processes. Our security team has documentation and expertise to meet rigorous enterprise policies.  Please contact us for a complete list of certifications.

Enterprise Management

Logging, alerting and compliance reporting are provided "out-of-box" for all solutions. All Cazena solutions include 24x 7 monitoring, vulnerability management and robust processes to support access controls, compliance requirements and governance frameworks.