The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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Microsoft Azure

The First SaaS Data Lake on Microsoft Azure.


SaaS Data Lakes on Microsoft Azure: Automated & Fully-Managed

Choose SaaS Data Lake on Azure for all analytics, data ML/AI and data engineering. The entire stack is automated, secured and fully-managed 24×7 — no cloud DevOps skills required.

Cazena is delivered as single-tenant private SaaS solutions with subscriptions that include everything: Azure infrastructure, storage, best of breed databases, analytic engines, security and 24×7 operations.

Cazena has tools and templates that simplify cloud migrations. SaaS helps enterprises deploy Azure data lakes for all analytics and securely connect global users, tools and data.

Complete Azure stacks for data lakes and analytics:

Get production-ready Azure SaaS Data Lakes, optimized for all analytics. Cazena is delivered as private SaaS on Azure, optimized for your team’s unique set of workloads.

Scale to the cloud with automation

Cazena makes it easy to migrate workloads to Microsoft Azure, reducing TCO and admin requirements. Cazena’s delivery model enables global accessibility for analytics and simplifies connections with tools and data sources.

The best price-performance on Microsoft Azure

Cazena on Azure means SaaS Data Lakes that are optimized to deliver the ideal price-performance for your unique set of workloads. Get the most cost-effective environments for your current data and analytics workloads, without any complexity.

Enterprise security:

SaaS Data Lakes on Microsoft Azure include end-to-end operations and security, with 24x7 monitoring, vulnerability assessment, automatic patching and upgrade testing.

Accelerate ML, AI and Data Science on Microsoft

SaaS Data Lakes on Azure are production-ready for all analytics workloads — from BI to AI and beyond. Cazena’s intelligent provisioning automatically installs, configures and optimizes every SaaS environment to deliver the best price-performance. Users see the SaaS Console, without the complexity of cloud infrastructure, enterprise security or platform configuration. Cazena optimizes for workloads and budget, so you get the best price-performance, with no complexity.

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Streamline Cloud Migrations

Cazena is the first SaaS Data Lake on Azure, with proven software automation and expertise for data and analytics migrations, which often require additional DevOps skills for connecting to data sources and tools, and optimizing performance.

  • Migrate to Azure in < 4 weeks, using Cazena’s automation. Get instant access to a SaaS Data Lake, optimized for all analytics.
  • Scale to the cloud with automation, not manual effort. Reduce costs and operations requirements with SaaS.
  • Instantly improve access and capabilities for global teams, with the security and compliance required for enterprises.
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