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Simplifying Cloud Data Lakes for Rapid Analytics

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The First SaaS Data Lake on AWS.


Automated and Managed to Accelerate Outcomes on AWS

​​Enterprises rely Cazena’s SaaS Data Lake on AWS for all analytics, data ML/AI and data engineering. Cazena is delivered as single-tenant private SaaS solutions with subscriptions that include everything: AWS infrastructure, storage, databases, analytic engines, security and 24×7 operations.

Everything is automated, secured and managed 24×7 — no admin time or DevOps skills required. Cazena has tools and templates that simplify AWS cloud migrations, even from datacenters or complex environments. Now, enterprise teams can easily use AWS for all analytics and securely connect global users, tools and data.

Accelerate ML, AI and Data Science

Cazena offers SaaS Data Lakes on AWS for all analytics workloads — from BI to AI and beyond. Cazena’s intelligent provisioning automatically installs, configures and optimizes every SaaS environment to deliver the best price-performance. Users see a simple Cazena interface, without dealing with cloud infrastructure, enterprise security or platform configuration. Cazena optimizes for workloads and budget, so you get the best price-performance, with no complexity.

Accelerate ML, AI and Data Science

The Cazena SaaS Data Lake is ready for all analytics and data engineering workloads. Many teams use Cazena’s SaaS Data Lakes to quickly expand capabilities and support analytics using R, Spark, Python and more.

  • Get a flexible turnkey data science environment on AWS that allows you to do a wide range of analytics including SQL, R, Python, Java, etc.; run models at cloud-scale without having to manage or maintain the underlying technology platform.
  • Stay focused with unconstrained analytic environments that are optimized and fully supported “as a service,” including security, patching, upgrades, backup/restore, etc.
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Streamline Cloud Migrations

As the first SaaS Data Lake, Cazena offers specific software automation and expertise for data and analytics migrations, which often require additional DevOps skills for connecting to data sources and tools, and optimizing performance.

  • Migrate to the cloud in days, using Cazena’s automation. Get instant access to a SaaS Data Lake, optimized for all analytics.
  • Scale to the cloud with automation, not manual effort. Reduce costs and operations requirements with SaaS.
  • Instantly improve access and capabilities for global teams, with the security and compliance required for enterprises.
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Recognized for Proven Data & Analytics Success AWS

Cazena SaaS Data Lakes on AWS leverage our patented automation, along with best-of-breed capabilities for data and analytics. Cazena is certified and recognized as an Advanced Technology Partner for AWS. The AWS Data & Analytics Competency is only awarded to technology partners that have certifications, measurable expertise and multiple success stories on AWS. Cazena is proud to be recognized as an Advanced Technology partner for Data & Analytics on AWS.

Cazena Named a Key Partner for AWS Migrations

We are proud to announce that Cazena has been named among the first Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Partners for the launch of the ISV Workload Migration Program (WMP). The program helps companies migrate Independent Software Vendor (“ISV”) workloads to AWS so they can achieve business goals faster and accelerate their cloud journey.

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SaaS Data Lakes Instantly Available on AWS Marketplace

Cazena SaaS Data Lakes are available in the AWS Marketplace! Subscribe to Cazena with a few clicks in AWS Marketplace. We’ll automatically provision your secure cluster, using our patented technology. Get fast, secure access to a small, preconfigured cluster, that includes best-of-breed data engines and built-in tools for analytics with R, Python, SQL and more.

Please contact us for “private offer” codes for up to 75% off.

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