The Hidden Costs of Cloud Data Lakes

This blog series from Cazena's engineering team investigates the hidden costs of cloud data lakes. Learn the top three hidden costs of cloud data lakes!

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Experts & 5 More Reasons to Join Our Webinar: Hadoop, Data Lakes & Data Science

For our upcoming webinar, we’re proud to feature guest speaker Mike Gualtieri, Forrester VP and principal analyst, an industry favorite. Why do we like him – especially on these topics? Well, as an industry analyst, Mike has a fascinating coverage area (bio), which includes big data and IoT strategy, Hadoop/Spark, predictive analytics, streaming analytics, prescriptive analytics, machine learning, data science, Artificial Intelligence, and emerging technologies. Just a few little technologies that are rapidly impacting the world. Yet, Mike can consistently explain complicated concepts and connect them to real-world business scenarios – and is just a nice guy to boot. I wasn’t surprised that a recent Apollo Research study ranked him as a top influencer. As you can tell from from his @mgualtieri Twitter feed, he’s an interesting guy with a busy schedule, so we are excited that he’ll join our upcoming webinar. Register now and read on for five more reasons to join us live…

Learn something quickly. We asked Mike to help explain how cloud services fit in with the Hadoop ecosystem, the “data lake” concept and our industry obsession with data science. You’ll hear a great overview in about 20 minutes, which will demystify some of the hype around these terms. Then, hear more about the Big Data as a Service trend from Prat Moghe, Cazena founder and former Netezza product SVP.

Hear how Mike articulates these concepts. Even if you’re an expert, webinars are a great way to get fodder for explaining these often-complicated technologies and concepts to other people. Like your boss or the high-profile exec with lots of spare budget, who you pitch in the elevator. Or your children, if they’re interested or insomniacs.

Get expert answers to your questions.  We’ve left lots of time for an interactive Q&A discussion, so you can pose your own questions to Mike and Prat. This is a unique opportunity to learn what you specifically want to know and hear how experts respond to questions you might be asked. I hope you think of some good ones!

Collect data and justification for budgets or business cases. You’ll see some data from Forrester Research on the webinar, which can help strengthen your case for more resources. You’ll be able to provide concrete examples, a sense of competitive urgency and a little more detail than just: “But everyone else is doing it!”

Be inspired by the possibilities. Data is cool. If you’ve read this far, I bet you have some great ideas about what you could do with your company’s data. So, what’s stopping you? Technology. Budget. Old attitudes. Integration. Inertia. Complexity. Let’s talk about how to overcome those technical and cultural challenges – and get inspired by the potential rewards!

Register now for our Best Practices for Hadoop in the Cloud for Data Lakes and Data Science webinar.

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