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Simplifying Cloud Data Lakes for Rapid Analytics

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Accelerite ShareInsights for Collaboration


Accelerite ShareInsights + Cazena

Unlock digital transformation with Accelerite ShareInsights on the Cazena’s SaaS Data Lake. This is the enterprise solution that bridges the gap between business problems and business solutions.

Cazena’s SaaS Data Lake abstracts the complexities of cloud data platforms, while ShareInsights enables every user to solve the most complicated analytic business problem with very little time and effort, which amps up data-driven business outcomes for your entire organization.

ShareInsights delivers high-performance analytics for the entire lifecycle – from data preparation and integration to visualization, analysis, and sharing. In a few clicks, business users can uncover insights faster than ever before. The Accelerite ShareInsights + Cazena’s SaaS Data Lake puts the power of data analytics into the hands of everyone in your organization.


  • In-built OLAP capabilities directly on the lake
  • Drag and drop UI
  • Exhaustive library of widgets, tasks, connectors and machine learning algorithms
  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Data governance and security
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