Cazena's Data Mart as a Service

Cazena's Data Mart as a Service is an MPP SQL database that powers business intelligence, analytics and other data applications in the cloud. Some companies use it as their primary Data Warehouse as a Service or as a smaller “Data Mart” complementing an enterprise data warehouse or other local data systems. The underlying MPP SQL technology is similar.

Cazena’s Data Mart as a Service helps companies get started quickly and securely in the cloud, and is powered by best-of-breed MPP SQL databases including Amazon Redshift and Greenplum that work with the business intelligence and analytics tools you already use such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, Qlik, Spotfire and others​.  

What is Cazena's Data Mart as a Service?

Cazena's Data Mart as a Service solution is a MPP SQL database in the cloud plus integrated data movers, enterprise security and special software for easy connections to all of your favorite analytics, business intelligence and visualization tools. It’s all delivered behind a simple Cazena interface, which hides the complexity of the underlying cloud and data technologies, and it's fully-managed, so all operations are handled for you. 

Cazena helps companies rapidly deploy new analytics or business intelligence projects on the cloud with zero infrastructure headaches. That makes it easy for analysts and business professionals to answer tough questions and run complex queries, without creating new IT hurdles. With just a few clicks, analysts can start securely loading data and analyzing data from connected data warehouses, SaaS applications, IoT/sensor data and other sources.  

Cazena data marts are production-ready for business analytics supporting specific departments or business processes. They provide the high performance MPP SQL processing you'd expect from your data warehouse, but are often used for specific datasets that have special access and analytic requirements. Data marts frequently support production environments, with more intensive governance and SLA requirements.

How Do Companies Use Cazena's Data Mart as a Service?

Fast, fully-managed operational data warehouse, consolidating data from several operational apps, and then use analytics tools like Tableau for business analysis.

Easily collect and consolidate data from sources such as public, shared, open, partner or purchased datasets – particularly ones that will likely be searched by an analyst using an open source or standard analytics tools like Tableau or Spotfire.

Share data with partners, contractors or customers in a secure environment, where activity can be monitored for product and service improvement. Provide data in a format that analysts can easily access with standard tools.

Augment on-premises data warehouses or appliances by offloading users or analytic workloads to the cloud. Use Cazena Data Marts as a Service to dramatically reduce data warehousing appliance costs. Leverage our knowledge of Netezza, ParAccel/Actian, Greenplum, and many others for fast efficient migration. 

Why Cazena for AWS Redshift and MPP SQL Databases in the Cloud?


The Data Mart is deployed on Cazena's fully-managed Big Data as a Service, available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. The platform combines popular cloud MPP SQL databases such as Amazon Redshift with data movers, security software, analytics engines and 24 x 7 operations for hassle-free data warehousing in the cloud. Everything is fully-managed and monitored, and the platform is designed to seamlessly "drop in" to existing infrastructures.

Fast setup. Cazena gets you up and running in the cloud in a few clicks. Enterprise deployments typically take 2 to 4 weeks and often include on-site project management, IT, security and other teams. (We get it.) Compare this to the 6-8 months often required to hire and train resources on constantly evolving cloud technologies.

Security and built-in data movers: Once connected to Cazena, those with the appropriate access controls can load and move data into Cazena and any connected data sources with our built-in data movers. The data movers have encryption and compression built-in with no extra steps. Cazena's fully-managed big data service is built on decades of enterprise experience and hardening. Cazena connects easily with traditional data warehouses, cloud-based sources such as SaaS applications or IoT sensors or even local files.

Best Price-Performance for Amazon Redshift and other best-of-breed technologies. Cazena embeds the latest technology and optimizes it with the best cloud infrastructure configuration for your workload, so you automatically get the best performance without overpaying. Your Cazena Data Mart is powered by the best technologies available in the cloud and data world, all optimized, integrated and simplified behind the clean Cazena interface.


What's Inside?

Our Data Mart as a Service gives you everything you need to rapidly deploy a data mart for departmental business intelligence and analytics. It runs on the Cazena Data Platform as a Service. Read more about Cazena’s core capabilities, or click over to the “What is Cazena?” page to learn more.

Interface: Interact with the Data Lake through the Cazena web browser or APIs. We’ll train you on unfamiliar terms, and have worked hard to make our service simple and intuitive. Cazena’s Mart simply acts as another data warehouse, which powers familiar analytics and BI tools used by analysts or business user. They may not even know they’re using cloud data – but since everything is secure and encrypted, they don’t have to. Now you don’t need an entire technical team to collect and share data, even lots and lots of data, for any kind of project.

Intelligent Provisioning: Cazena Data Mart as a Service is provisioned based on the workload’s data type, volume, analytics tools and price-performance or SLA (service level agreement) requirements. Cazena maintains comprehensive benchmarking data, testing processes and automation to give you the best configuration in the cloud for industry-leading technologies such as Amazon Redshift. You can deploy Cazena in minutes (or maybe weeks depending on your company). Bottom line, Cazena will save serious time and labor on the hundreds of tasks – and hours – usually required to deploy databases in the cloud and integrate them with on-premises data sources and analytics too. Cazena’s Data Mart as a Service incorporates leading massively parallel analytic databases such as Amazon Redshift and Pivotal Greenplum – these are presented behind the simple Cazena interface for ease of management. This also makes it simple to migrate workloads currently running on Paraccel, Redshift and Greenplum databases or other MPP SQL databases such as IBM Netezza.

Data Movers: Cazena Data Marts drop into your existing enterprise ecosystem seamlessly. The Cazena Gateway can connect directly with existing enterprise data warehouses like IBM Netezza, Oracle Exadata or others, then encrypt, compress and move workloads into a secure Cazena cloud Data Mart in a few clicks. Or, Cazena can connect with ETL, MDM or other enterprise data flows that you have set up. Seriously. It’s pretty cool. Let us show you how the gateway works and the variety of flexible ways to use it. Cazena makes it super easy to connect to data with the business intelligence tools you already use such as Tableau and Microstrategy. And if you need more advanced analytics capabilities, Cazena’s Data Science Sandbox as a Service offers support for R, Python and other analytic languages.  

Security: The Data Mart as a Service is delivered on a secure Cazena datacloud, with certifications, industry-leading expertise and 24 x 7 white glove monitoring. Safely and confidently choose Cazena for new projects, client data or migration to the cloud. Cazena has industry leading certifications and is always expanding our list. Contact us to find out more about industry security certifications for Cazena.  

Fully-Managed: In the age of the cloud, data warehouses are more automated, with centralized experts like Cazena handling everything from backup and restore to platform upgrades – even automatic service optimization. Even though technologies like Redshift make it easier to manage data warehousing, many companies appreciate that we handle all of it for them and layer in data movers, security and management. It’s just one less thing you need to think about when running your analytics team. Cazena delivers performance with no hassle.

One Simple Bill, One Call Support for Analytics in the Cloud: Cazena’s Data Mart Service is sold as a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.  All Cazena services include cloud infrastructure, database licenses, data movers, Cazena Gateway software and the fully-managed platform. The billing and integrated services of Cazena’s Data Mart as a Service save you time as well as money. We give you a subscription price and expansion unit pricing upfront, so you can plan your cloud budget with no end of month surprises. Don’t lose time making services work together, sorting out bills or planning upgrades. One vendor, one call, Cazena. Bam.

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