The Cazena Data Science Sandbox as a Service
With Cazena’s Data Science Sandbox as a Service, teams run a wide range of advanced analytics in a secure cloud platform, without having to build or manage the underlying technology. Get started quickly, easily load data and analyze using R, Python, SQL or many other methods. Cazena’s fully-managed data solutions run on AWS and Azure, and include everything: databases, analytics engines, storage, built-in data movers, security and cloud infrastructure -- fully-managed, monitored and managed 24 x 7.
  • Accelerate results with a single Data Lake for all data science, machine learning and analytics. Popular tools like RStudio Server Pro, sparklyr and notebooks are an integral part of the service. Use embedded analytics tools or connect your own.
  • Radically improve performance with Apache Spark-powered distributed processing. Faster processing, bigger sample sets and more accurate results. 
  • Help teams share data and ideas efficiently -- break free from the storage and memory constraints of desktop analytics

"We're 6 to 8 months further ahead by having Cazena. Our data science team wants to spend their time adding value, rather than doing housekeeping work. The primary benefit is speed. Now the team has a structured place to share their data, work and ideas."   

                            -- Craig Haughan, VP Data, Carlson Wagonlit Travel 
Data Science Sandbox as a Service in 3 Minutes
One Platform, No Assembly Required


The Data Science Sandbox is deployed using Cazena's fully-managed Data Lake as a Service. The platform combines best of breed, open source, custom software and automation to deliver the best price-performance for workloads in the cloud. We use intelligent provisioning and multiple processing engines, regularly benchmarking and incorporating new components to deliver the benefits of the latest data technologies.  Everything is pre-built, integrated, fully-managed and optimized for the cloud, presented behind a simple abstraction layer. 

Get going in a few clicks. With Cazena, you can have a complete platform in hours and new resources in minutes. Cazena handles everything, with automated provisioning, management, maintenance, upgrades, backup and restore, patching and all operations.

Use almost any language or tool. Cazena is intuitive and easy to learn, so analysts and data scientists can use their preferred methods and be productive immediately. Use the same tools that your team and business partners already know and connect to your data securely with any visualization or analytics tool.  

Get the best data processing technologies. Cazena gives you the benefits of Spark, Hadoop and other new data processing technologies with no learning curve, implementation time or optimization work. Everything is pre-built, integrated and optimized for the cloud, presented through an intuitive interface and APIs. 

Improves productivity of data science and advanced analytics. Data scientists and analysts collaborate more efficiently, sharing datasets, outcomes and ideas in a single environment. The platform removes issues with tool consistency (versions, etc.) and makes data sharing simple and secure. Cazena helps remove conflicts for resource and reduces wasted time spent sub-setting data or running models sequentially. It's easy to get additional resources as needed, optimized for your workloads. 

Ensures enterprise-grade security and compliance. Each Cazena customer gets their own single-tenant environment and a host of security capabilities including encryption of data in motion and at rest, centralized logging capabilities, end-to-end visibility and 24 x 7 security monitoring. Cazena has unique expertise in enterprise environments.

Simplifies data collection and consolidation. Built-in data movers and connectors make it simple and secure to get data from other clouds, SaaS applications and enterprise data warehouses and other sources, even in secure datacenters.

Stay focused, with fully-managed services. Services are fully-managed and supported, so teams don't lose valuable time to troubleshooting, patching, scaling or upgrades. 

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