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View current incentives and programs for Cloudera POCs on AWS with Cazena. Learn more about leveraging cloud credits for efficient POCs. Then start your POC quickly, and move seamlessly into production. Enterprises with Cazena can complete AWS migrations in just weeks, even complete lift-and-shifts. Tools, templates and fully-managed deployments ensure seamless Cloudera to AWS migrations. Cazena helps enterprises automate more processes, reduce costs, empower analytic agility and modernize.
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Cazena offers fully-automated Cloudera migrations to AWS and Microsoft Azure. Enterprises have already moved thousands of Cloudera and Hortonworks workloads to the cloud with Cazena.  Built-in tools and white-glove deployments ensure seamless Cloudera migrations. Cazena helps enterprises automate more processes, reduce costs, empower analytic agility and modernize.
Cazena Data Science Sandbox
The Data Science Sandbox is an analytics-optimized data lake that's designed for data science and machine learning teams. The Data Science Sandbox supports a wide range of analytics engines, and is available with RStudio (R), Anaconda (Python) and more. Use embedded interfaces for R, Python, Java, SQL and more -- and connect any tool securely through Cazena's fully-managed service.
Data Lake as a Service
Support digital transformation and analytic agility with a fully-managed cloud Data Lake as a Service. Get started immediately, no waiting, no DevOps and no special skills required. Cazena data lakes support a wide variety of data science, data engineering and analytics workloads. Learn more and find out what's included in the FastStart Data Lake POC.
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Cloudera Data Science Workbench enables fast, easy, and secure data science for the enterprise. With Python, R, and Scala directly in the web browser, Cloudera Data Science Workbench delivers a self-service experience and lets data scientists create and manage their own analytics pipelines, as well as develop and prototype new machine learning projects before deploying to production.
RCG Credit Analytics on Azure
The RCG Credit Analytics Solution helps maximize risk-adjusted rate of return, minimize capital reserve requirements, and strengthen compliance. Interactive Credit Analytics provide transparency into characteristics and risks associated with each loan and loan segment to support setting thresholds and limits on risk pools and analysis of associated exposures and risks.