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Study Reveals Enterprises Looking to Leverage the Public Cloud for Big Data Analytics

  • Over half of enterprises interested in exploring or planning cloud deployments for big data, driven by agility, cost reduction and focus on core competence
  • Security, compliance and complexity are top three concerns slowing down deployments, with survey participants highlighting the need for education around cloud capabilities

WALTHAM, Massachusetts (November 10, 2014) – Gigaom Research today announced the findings of a study that reveals that the majority of enterprises are looking to leverage public cloud resources for their big data analytic needs. The report, “How enterprises will use the cloud for big data analytics,” also suggests that potential migrations to the cloud are being delayed due to a number of significant concerns, chief among them security, compliance and complexity.

The report, led by Gigaom Research Director for Big Data and Analytics Andrew Brust, authored by Gigaom Research Analyst Lynn Langit and underwritten by Cazena, surveyed over 300 senior management and leaders at medium to large enterprises across IT and business roles, and across verticals.

Key Findings

A majority of enterprises are interested in the public cloud for analytic processes.

  • 53 percent of respondents reported that they “are already” or “planning to” leverage public cloud resources as part of their enterprise big data analytic needs.
  • Respondents are motivated to do so in greatest part by either the potential for cost reduction (49 percent) or for increased agility (30 percent).
  • Only 13 percent of respondents had no intention of using public cloud resources.

“Contrary to popular belief, many large enterprises are beginning to seriously explore the public cloud as a targeted platform for big data workloads,” said Prat Moghe, founder and CEO of Cazena. “The cloud holds the keys to unlocking the next phase of big data, where analysis is completed on demand and immediately accessible to the primary users of this information — the C-suite and key decision makers. Understanding enterprise drivers as well as concerns around the cloud is vital to be able to develop a roadmap of strategic transformation of all enterprises.”

Security, privacy and complexity are top enterprise concerns for data migration to the cloud.

  • 63 percent said “security considerations” is a key blocker for any potential cloud-based implementation.
  • 35 percent said that a lack of existing industry certifications is a significant blocker to cloud adoption for them. The industry certifications most often cited as useful are SOX (35 percent) and HIPAA (34 percent).
  • 23 percent of survey respondents had concerns around the complexity of cloud and its impact on their existing process, tools, and infrastructure.

A majority of survey participants (55 percent) said that “better understanding of the security posture of the cloud” would cause them to reassess their current strategy of hesitating or not planning to implement any analytics processes to the cloud.

As the report notes, “The key concern is transparency about public-cloud vendor security and compliance practices. SOX and HIPPA are mentioned most often, but with an expressed need for more standards and understanding of how cloud vendors support these standards. Respondents appear to have a large amount of fear and confusion in this area and would welcome education about standards.”

To access the complete Gigaom Research report, click here.

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