What is Cazena?

Cazena's flagship solution is the Data Lake as a Service -- the only Data Lake with an Easy SaaS Experience. Cazena empowers enterprises to collect, store and analyze any data in the cloud, with zero ops required. 

Turnkey SaaS Data Lakes

SaaS data lakes are private and production-ready for data ingest, storage and analytics.  Each turnkey data lake embeds and orchestrates cloud infrastructure, storage and compute, data PaaS engines and analytics from best-of-breed partners including AWS, Azure, Cloudera, RStudio and many others. No development or admin work is ever required for production or ongoing operations. 

Continously Optimized 

Cazena's data lakes support all analytics workloads including data engineering, data science, machine learning, analytics and vertical applications. Continuous optimization delivers the best price-performance SLA for workloads.

Self-Service, Plug-and-Query for All Analytics

Secure SaaS streamlines access to each data lake. Load data, use built-in analytics or connect any tools (ML, R, BI, etc.) via intuitive SaaS interfaces.  The Cazena AppCloud delivers rapid access to popular tools and new capabilities. 

Highest-Grade Enterprise Security and Compliance

Cazena provides the highest level of security and compliance with a locked-down, encrypted cloud data lakes. Each customer has a dedicated, single-tenant environment.  24x7 security and compliance monitoring protects against unauthorized access.

24x7 White Glove Support & Production Operations Included

All ongoing production operations (such as upgrades, backup/recovery, DR, health monitoring) are included with Cazena's Data Lake as a Service, along with high-touch 24x7 support. Cazena provides a single-stop for support, with one point of contact. 


Compare the Alternatives

Cazena gives you everything you need for all analytics in one powerful, secure Data Lake as a Service. No need to "do it yourself" and separately provision and manage your own cloud infrastructure and security. Cazena's is automated and managed, helping you accelerate outcomes. 

Cazena Data Lake as a Service

Build Your Own DIY Data Lake

Instant On, Production- Ready for Data Ingest, Storage & Analytics 

X DIY efforts typically require 6-9 months of development across hundreds of tasks to get to "production-ready."
Continuously Optimized for All Analytics (SQL, Spark, R, Python, ML/AI...) X DIY platforms require integrating across cloud, cluster and multiple technologies for workload management.
Secure "Plug & Query" for any Data Sources & Tools X DIY integration of data sources, tools and users on a global scale is complex and time-consuming.
Comprehensive Security, Governance and Compliance, Ongoing Monitoring X DIY requires specialized resources to configure security, monitor services and ensure compliance. 
Production Operations, 24x7 Support and Upgrades X DIY demands a team with 24x7 coverage, dedicated to security operations, monitoring and DevOps. 
Cazena Benefits All Stakeholders

Cazena benefits all stakeholders in the data and analytics value-chain. IT teams have a secure, cost-effective solution to demands for more data access and analytics capabilities. Insight and data science teams get the resources and capabilities they need in an accessible, intuitive cloud environment. Businesses benefit from more efficient data processing, with reduced operations costs and accelerated outcomes. Ultimately, the customers of our customers benefit from more analytically-driven products and services.  

10x Faster Time to Outcomes

There's no waiting with Cazena. Data Lakes are provisioned in the cloud in hours, delivered as SaaS, ready for data ingest, storage and analytics. Enterprise security reviews and fully-managed, "hybrid" deployments take only a few weeks. 

1/2 the Cost of Alternatives

Cazena costs at least 50% less than managing your own data lake. Scale with automation, not headcount, not your precious time. Solutions include everything, with SLAs that guarantee the best price-performance, thanks to benchmarking and 'workload intelligence.'

24x7 Security Monitoring

Reduce risks and expand to the the cloud securely with Cazena's 24x7 monitoring, governance and operations -- including vulnerability assessment and patching. Hybrid security gateways and enterprise firewalls enable encrypted access, and solutions are enterprise-ready with compliance certifications.





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